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From Soren Lassen <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Accept Wave for incubation
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2010 12:15:54 GMT
On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 8:32 PM, Santiago Gala <> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 8:49 AM, Dan Peterson <> wrote:
> (...)
>> To keep things moving, I'd like to go ahead and put this proposal to a vote
>> starting on Tuesday on the west coast of the US (roughly 24 hours from now).
> I want to get some information about an issue that, like the
> name/branding one, is not a blocker for incubator entry, but can
> change significantly the level of third party support.
> It is the governance model for the protocol suit. If I understood
> correctly, the project is scoped towards the software server
> component. It does not include development of the protocol libraries.

The project will include all the source code for the "wave in a box"
server, including all the ("library"?) code for the data model, the
federation protocol implementation, the client-server protocol
implementation, and the robot and data APIs, as well as all the
documentation/specifications for the data model, protocols, and APIs
hosted at

> Does it include test suites beyond the server being a big test harness
> itself?

There are no test suites other than unittests for the abovementioned

> It would be great to be able to know the plans for those:
> - protocol specification and maintenance
> - reference libraries for the protocol
> - test suites and specifically test kits if any is planned
> I think that clarifying those scopes would be great.

Presently, we regard the protocol specification as a specification of
the wave-in-a-box implementation and, thus, the specification belongs
together with the implementation in the proposed Apache project.
Eventually, we would like to formally standardize the protocol, i.e.,
agree with external parties outside the project to use the protocol
between different implementations. When we get to the point when we
start negotiating such agreements, we envision that we will spin out
the protocol from the proposed Apache project into a standardisation
working group (probably under the wings of IETF or some other
standards body) which will govern these negotiations. The working
group will need to decide on things like reference libraries and test
suites. We're not deciding now whether the code in the proposed Apache
project will be used for these purposes.


> Regards
> Santiago
>> Regards,
>> -Dan
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