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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Accept Jena into the Incubator
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 04:46:22 GMT
Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> On 11/12/2010 11:51 AM, Paolo Castagna wrote:
>> Also (from the JenaProposal):
>> "The Jena GRDDL Reader has some additional dependencies: 

Also, this relates to the release process and publishing of artifacts
in the Maven Central repository.

I am still unclear if these sort of messages is appropriate here or
they should go to jena-devel.

The Jena GRDDL Reader has these dependencies (in addition to Jena2
and ARQ): Saxon-HE v9.x(?) [1], CyberNeko HTML Parser v0.9.5(?) [2],
BrowserLauncher2 v1.0(?) [3] and XML Commons Resolver v1.2 (?) [4].

AFAIK only nekohtml and xml-commons-resolver are currently in the
Maven repo [5,6].

I don't see where XML Commons Resolver is actually used, but this
could just be my ignorance of Xerces and/or Saxon internals.

How this will impact the building/releasing process within the
Apache incubator?

Maven artifacts are not mandatory (which is good):

  "Releases for podling MUST be distributed through In addition,
   the Podling MAY choose to distribute approved releases through
   other channels like the central Maven repository." [7]

However, I'd like to publish GRDDL artifacts in the Maven repo,
as well as all the other Jena artifacts [8].

These are also relevant:

  "Besides, we discourage putting release repository/pluginRepository
   in your POM. In ideal conditions, all your dependencies should
   be already in central and central repository is self-contained.
   Otherwise people's build might break because of missing dependencies.
   If some of your dependencies are not in central, please upload them
   using our 3rd-party artifacts bundle upload service." [9] via [10]

  "While most projects understand the importance of publishing artifacts
   to Central, there are still a few projects out there that don't have
   the same appreciation. When a project refuses to upload artifacts to
   Central, for whatever reason, we encourage people to submit artifact
   bundles to Central themselves.
   Sonatype is replacing this process with a self-serve approach. If you
   want to get a specific library into the Central repository, all you
   need to do is sign up for an account on,
   create an artifact bundle, and upload it to a staging repository.
   Sonatype will perform some due diligence to make sure that the
   artifact has a license compatible with unrestricted distribution,
   and we will then promote the uploaded artifacts to the Central
   Maven repository." [11]

You can include me with the people who do appreciate finding artifacts in
the Maven Central repository (no matter how they are produced: Maven, Ant+Ivy,

Any help/suggestion is more than welcome,


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