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From Mohammad Nour El-Din <>
Subject [DISCUSSION]-[IDEA] - Incubation Process(es) Automation
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 18:30:21 GMT

   Recently I've been helping in mentoring activities of Isis [1]
which gave the chance to learn more about how the Incubation
Process(es) are executed and the different activities of Incubation
are carried on. IMHO the process(es), roles and different activities
are explained well in different documents, but the problem is this
advantage is also the disadvantage of the Incubation process, that is
it is just explained in text and not active/automated and the
one/group responsible for executing the steps of it on a certain
project need to go here or there and look-up information from some
on-line docs, not like the process of committers when they apply for
TAC [2]. In TAC you just send a link to the committers@ and they
follow the instructions automated by this simple easy to use yet
effective on-line tool.

I would like to know your opinions/thoughts about applying the same
idea on Incubation Process(es), that is having an on-line
tool(s)/application(s) that automate activities that must be went
through to incubate and monitor/report the incubation progress of a
newly incubated project. These tool(s)/application(s) are just a
centralized automated management layer which are going to make the
same effects as the manual one(s), that is for example all JIRA(s),
e-mail(s) and documents that should be created, sent and manipulated
to reflect and show the required information about the newly incubated
project are going to be done the same way as the manual process(es),
tool(s)/application(s) are just a layer over this, also the tool can
infer the currently updated information of already incubated projects,
so tool(s)/application(s) are playing like a centralized management
and automation view into the incubation system.

What I need to know is:

A) How much these tool(s)/application(s) are worthy in your opinion ?

B) Is it getter to get the infrastructure@ people involved in this discussion ?

C) If they are, what is the form of providing this code:
C.1) Through incubating a new project ?
C.2) Developed in Apache Labs ?
C.3) Developed in a specific repository dedicated for such
tool(s)/application(s) ?

D) What are the preferred tools/technologies to be used (*NOTE* -
Listing is according to my own preference):
D.1) Python:
D.1.1) WSGI [3.1] [3.2 + Genshi [4].
D.1.2) Django [5].
D.2) Java.
D.3) PHP.

I really wanted to share this idea with you all and really looking
forward your replies :).

[1] -
[2] -
[3.1] -
[3.2] -
[4] -
[5] -

- Mohammad Nour
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