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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION]-[IDEA] - Incubation Process(es) Automation
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 18:43:03 GMT
Personally, I think Apache could do with better tooling around such
issues - you can go to github and create a project and you're running.
Now while the ASF is by definition a more heavyweight organisation,
there are likely to be plenty of areas where our workflow can be eased
by such webapps.

I'd also like to see a webapp around the subject of ICLA collection.

Such a project would rest upon someone volunteering to do it.

If you're interested, go make a (similar) proposal on
infrastructure-dev@. Really, these things live or die by one person
taking it forwards.


On Tue, 2010-09-28 at 18:30 +0000, Mohammad Nour El-Din wrote: 
> Hi...
>    Recently I've been helping in mentoring activities of Isis [1]
> which gave the chance to learn more about how the Incubation
> Process(es) are executed and the different activities of Incubation
> are carried on. IMHO the process(es), roles and different activities
> are explained well in different documents, but the problem is this
> advantage is also the disadvantage of the Incubation process, that is
> it is just explained in text and not active/automated and the
> one/group responsible for executing the steps of it on a certain
> project need to go here or there and look-up information from some
> on-line docs, not like the process of committers when they apply for
> TAC [2]. In TAC you just send a link to the committers@ and they
> follow the instructions automated by this simple easy to use yet
> effective on-line tool.
> I would like to know your opinions/thoughts about applying the same
> idea on Incubation Process(es), that is having an on-line
> tool(s)/application(s) that automate activities that must be went
> through to incubate and monitor/report the incubation progress of a
> newly incubated project. These tool(s)/application(s) are just a
> centralized automated management layer which are going to make the
> same effects as the manual one(s), that is for example all JIRA(s),
> e-mail(s) and documents that should be created, sent and manipulated
> to reflect and show the required information about the newly incubated
> project are going to be done the same way as the manual process(es),
> tool(s)/application(s) are just a layer over this, also the tool can
> infer the currently updated information of already incubated projects,
> so tool(s)/application(s) are playing like a centralized management
> and automation view into the incubation system.
> What I need to know is:
> A) How much these tool(s)/application(s) are worthy in your opinion ?
> B) Is it getter to get the infrastructure@ people involved in this discussion ?
> C) If they are, what is the form of providing this code:
> C.1) Through incubating a new project ?
> C.2) Developed in Apache Labs ?
> C.3) Developed in a specific repository dedicated for such
> tool(s)/application(s) ?
> D) What are the preferred tools/technologies to be used (*NOTE* -
> Listing is according to my own preference):
> D.1) Python:
> D.1.1) WSGI [3.1] [3.2 + Genshi [4].
> D.1.2) Django [5].
> D.2) Java.
> D.3) PHP.
> I really wanted to share this idea with you all and really looking
> forward your replies :).
> [1] -
> [2] -
> [3.1] -
> [3.2] -
> [4] -
> [5] -

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