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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: an experiment
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 02:15:44 GMT
Gavin wrote:

> > Actually, I read Incubator e-mail pretty much every day.
> Then why do you store up all your replies until report time? It makes no
> sense.

I don't.  I just haven't had much to say lately, although I did post earlier
about Zeta and NPanday.  And, as you know, I was away last week.

> I can't help feeling irritated that you turn up once a month with your
> slew of emails and then think all is great again until the following
> months reporting period.

> Let's just only go as far back as January this year.

Er, I looked over your list.  Did you miss e-mails on August 5?  And
checking ALL of my general@ e-mails this year, the bulk of them have been
about the report, so naturally posted in that time frame.

> > The role of the PMC Chair is to make sure that the project
> > runs smoothly.  I was very vocal during the formative days of the
> > Incubator, and speak up when I've something to say.  Otherwise, I
> > am quite happy to see others stepping up and staking a role in the
> > Incubator.

> Ok, if you see all is well then fine, but can you not just at least look
> like you are a bit more interested other than just at reporting time?

You mean, like partcipating in this discussion, and the related one that
Greg just raised?

> you just posted a whole months worth at members requesting to join the
> Incubator PMC and Greg just acked the lot

The first was dated August 5th (the day before I left) to now.  So, yes, I
got to all of them today after first doing the board report.

	--- Noel

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