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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: an experiment
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 20:40:38 GMT
Craig L Russell wrote:

> Here's the current process for getting new committers into an incubating

> 1. Identify candidates
> 2. Discuss candidates on podling-private
> 3. Agree that candidate should be a committer

All PPMC functions; need no outside involvement.

> 4. Vote on podling-private
> 5. Wait for everyone's vote
> 6. Inform incubator PMC of results of vote
> 7. Vote in incubator PMC if not all three mentors have voted

Translation: vote and talley.  How can we streamline this with oversight?

 - Initiate vote on <podling>-private & concurrently notify PMC
 - Tally votes (ping PMC if more votes are necessary)
 - Post vote results to <podling>-private / cc: private@

I don't see anything to remove, and assuming that the podling has 3+ active
Mentors, the PMC is not a time block.  But processing of the actual vote
*is* where the PMC exerts oversight.

> 8. Invite committer
> 9. Send ICLA
> 10. Wait for ICLA registration
> 11. Send root request for committer
> 12. Wait for root to create account
> 13. Update asf authorization file for new account

I don't see anything to remove from here, nor is there any PMC-specific

	--- Noel

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