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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: an experiment
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 23:12:56 GMT
Gavin McDonald wrote:

> How about a PMC Chair that does more than turn up once a month at , ooh,
> before board reports are due and then disappears for a whole month until ,
> ooh, day before report time.

Actually, I read Incubator e-mail pretty much every day.

> And you still expect to run the whole show your way and jump in with 20+
> messages in one day about subjects people have been discussing for days
> if not weeks before.

I'm voicing an opinion, backing it up, and taking the issue to the Board for
their input.  If I really expected to "run the whole show [my] way", I
wouldn't make sure that as much as possible is delegated and distributed to
the PMC, and I would be much more vocal.  Personally, I believe that the
Incubator runs smoothly precisely because of that delegation.

In the specific case of Joe's experiment, I would have voice my opinion
earlier, but was away.  Please note that, as an Incubator PMC Member, you
were notified of my schedule.

> And I can't wait for your excuse to be that the sole role of PMC chair is
> file reports.

No, it isn't.  The role of the PMC Chair is to make sure that the project
runs smoothly.  I was very vocal during the formative days of the Incubator,
and speak up when I've something to say.  Otherwise, I am quite happy to see
others stepping up and staking a role in the Incubator.

	--- Noel

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