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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Name change from "Lucene Connectors Framework" to "Apache Connectors Framework"
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 17:03:36 GMT

On Aug 27, 2010, at 12:15 PM, David Jencks wrote:
> To try to illustrate my thinking rather than push a name down your throat...
> Open ConnectorFramework/OpenConnectorFramework/OpenCF  OK, since you've added a branding
word.  Not ideal since the purpose appears overly broad
> Content Connector Framework/ContentConnectorFramework/CCF OK, since you've clarified
the scope.  Not ideal since has no branding word.
> OpenContentConnectorFramework/OpenCCF better since it clarifies the scope and includes
a branding word.

So, the word "open" somehow alleviates your concern?  I don't get that.  If your objection
is that it comes across as being _the_ Apache connector library, then how does "Open" modulate
that?  It's still the Apache Open Connector Framework.  It's still descriptive and still implies
it's the one.  Besides, it's the ASF, isn't "Open" implied/redundant?  We would never have
the Apache Closed Connector Framework, right?  

Likewise, the word Content implies the same "only" status, albeit here I will give you that
it distinguishes it from Tomcat Connector somewhat, although the Tomcat Connector is just
that, the Tomcat connector.  However, I still don't buy that it is a "branding" word.  Content
is pretty much meaningless.  Everything is content.  I have no doubt that we could write a
plugin for ACF that connected to Tomcat and got Content out of it.  Heck, we already do. It's
called a web crawler.

So, that leaves us, in my mind w/ the option of some made up name or we stick w/ ACF.  I'm
all for a made up one if someone comes up with one, I just don't know what it is and no one
in the community seems to have one either.  ACF fits and the community likes it.  It's not
unprecedented at the ASF and I don't think it is confusing with Tomcat Connector.

At any rate, the community would like some resolution.  Should I just call an official vote
on ACF and if it loses then we will go back to the drawing board?

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