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From Kalle Korhonen <>
Subject Re: an experiment
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 02:49:05 GMT
On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 6:05 PM, Greg Stein <> wrote:
> Your head is in the sand. The Incubator is a broken process. Everybody
> hates it. Everybody wants to get out of it. Subversion was fortunate
> in that we had enough support to bully our way through, to route
> around damage, and to check everything off the list rapidly. Whoever
> said it before: if we *didn't* have that fortunate fact behind us,
> then our approach to the ASF would have been very very different.

Perhaps it's useful to have some other experiences heard from those
who are currently going through the incubation process. Apache Shiro
is on the verge of graduation (voting going on right now), I'm a new
member of Apache (i.e. not one of the people in the original project
proposal) and I don't see much wrong in the current process. We have a
small PPMC and there have been a few cases where we've needed to prod
the interest of the mentors to gain enough votes but I don't think
there's anything broken in that. For the more important votes, we've
gotten some -1s from some Apache members we've never heard of before,
but negatives need to be and are justified and are typically given for
reasons we as new members had missed or hadn't considered at all. I
recognize there's a lot of history before our project so I for would
give a benefit of doubt for "any random drive-bys from disinterested
third parties" :) I mean, after all, the incubator process is about
teaching the "Apache way" and whatever it is, it's probably not about
changing the process to your liking. If I have to beg for a few +1s or
reason my way out of -1s, I'll be happy to do that, and hopefully
demonstrate our willingness and ability to self govern along way.


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