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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Subversion full/partial committer (was: Re: an experiment)
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 18:25:30 GMT
On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 10:03, Ralph Goers <> wrote:
> This seems really simple to me. If I move from Korea to the United States I'd better
start learning to speak English if I want to interact with the population at large. If I just
want to stay within my little Korean community then I can continue to speak my native language
all that I want. Even an American living in the south needs to learn "proper" English if they
want to run for a national office and be effective.

Oh, I totally understand.

> That said, American English is constantly evolving. If the ASF as a whole wants to adopt
terms like "Full Committer" and "Partial Committer" than I'd expect to see a definition somewhere.
As it stands, I must have missed the email where they were defined.  Without that context
I'm left to assume a "Partial Committer" is somehow handicapped or missing a few body parts,
or a "Full Committer" is someone like me with a little too much weight on their torso.

> The "cost" here is that a decently large project integrated with a larger organization
and in doing so simply needs to be able to communicate effectively. That means a) getting
the organization to recognize and accept the different terminology being used or b) stop using
that terminology when speaking to the larger audience.  Option a isn't accomplished by simply
using the terminology and expecting everyone else to conform.

The Board report uses the term "committer" and "PMC member". It also
uses "partial" and "full", but those simply augment the report and are
present because the svn community is a consumer/producer of this
report. It makes it easier for that community, *and* it also helps to
teach the community what our "ASF names" are for the svn concepts. The
svn community *is* still learning about the ASF, after all.

Here is the section in question:

** Community

Since our last report, in May, we have added two more committers.
These are "partial" committers, meaning they are restricted to certain
portions of the tree. The first, artagnon, is a GSoC student for
Git(!) and is adding a new "svnrdump" client-side tool to produce or
load Subversion dump files remotely (eg. for fast-loading into Git).
The second, stefan2, is working on a branch with a broad set of
performance improvements across the system.

No new PMC Members ("full committers") have been added.

As you can see, we aren't trying to foist new terminology on anybody.

I continue to believe that the terminology used in our report is fine.
The Board showed no concern during the meeting. This ruckus seems
quite overblown.


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