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From "Gav..." <>
Subject Resigning as Wookie Mentor
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 00:02:17 GMT
Hi All,

I am a passive Mentor, one that jumps in and says or does something when and
if required.

I've sorted a fair few license header issues with RAT here at Wookie, some
are still to be resolved btw,
but otherwise their hasn't been much for me to do.

I had a more hands on role where needed for Log4PHP until it graduated, and
with Libcloud I
again take a more passive approach as there really isn't much for me to do.
With LibCloud that
will change as I gear up towards moving them out in the next 3 months or so.

With all the talk currently about what a Mentor should or should not be on
the Incubator lists, 
with lots of folks looking at 'active mentors' being the favoured option, I
would like to resign
as Mentor for the Wookie podling effective immediately.

Wookie has other capable Mentors who are more 'active' and so should not
affect the direction 
of the Wookie project in any way.

You lose a Incubator PMC member vote of course, but that is not what it
means to be active and I
feel uncomfortable being a Mentor purely to be an extra vote.


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