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From Peter Firmstone <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache River 2.1.2
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 02:32:37 GMT
A candidate for the Apache River 2.1.2 Release is available at

The release candidate sources are zip / tar.gz archives of the sources in:

The SHA1 checksums are:

3D06 58BC C42C 460C 4BCE  F602 A3FB 4357 C5BA F65E
71F8 2BE5 ADC9 AAB2 2D73  0B9D EF11 1E63 1749 3168

The binary release artifacts, also available there are SHA1 checksums:

3CA5 299C 679D 8887 5442  ACA9 CAD2 618C 2A24 A26B
BBB8 3072 1C57 34BF BED5  954B 5DDF 41DD 322F 8303

Please vote on releasing this package as Apache River 2.1.2
The vote is open until Saturday the 20th of February 2010 and passes if
a majority of at least three +1 River Incubator PMC votes are cast.

Results from the river-dev VOTE, closed, the 12th of February are:

+1 Tom Hobbs
+1 Jukka Zitting
+1 Niclas Hedhman

  Apache River
  v2.1.2 Release Notes

Apache River is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software
Foundation (ASF), sponsored by the Apache Incubator. Incubation is
required of all newly accepted projects until a further review indicates
that the infrastructure, communications, and decision making process
have stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF
projects. While incubation status is not necessarily a reflection of the
completeness or stability of the code, it does indicate that the project
has yet to be fully endorsed by the ASF.

Apache River is aimed at the development and advancement of the River
technology core infrastructure. River technology is a service oriented
architecture that defines a programming model which both exploits and
extends Java technology to enable the construction of secure,
distributed systems which are adaptive to change.


    Notes of Interest for this Release

This second release from the Apache River project is based on the
contributions of Sun's Jini Technology Starter Kit (Starter Kit) v2.1
and Service UI from Artima. The release focuses on merging the two
contributions together, structuring separate src and bin releases, and
amending the source and documentation naming/versioning/etc to the
Apache River project.

Some points of note:

    * NOTICE file and source license headers updated
    * Source and documentation updated for release name ("Apache River
      release") and version ("v2.1.2")
    * Graphical installer (which was a 3rd party application in the
      Starter Kit) is no longer available
    * The combined source and binary release in the Starter Kit has been
      separated into two releases: src and bin
    * The "logstore" implementation of com.sun.jini.outrigger.Store has
      been removed

      The persistent version of Outrigger relies on a pluggable
      persistence layer, |com.sun.jini.outrigger.Store|. Previous
      releases of the Starter Kit included two implementations of the
      Store interface, /logstore/ and /snaplogstore/. This release
      removes logstore.

      Logstore has been around in various forms since the 1.0 version of
      Outrigger. Snapstore was introduced in v2.1 of the Starter Kit.

      The v2.0.n releases of the Starter Kit used logstore as the
      default Store implementation, this release has no default Store.
      In order to switch an existing set of configuration files,
      security policy files, etc., from using logstore to snaplogstore,
      you will need to change the ||
      configuration entry (or add a store configuration entry if you
      don't already have one) to yield a
      |com.sun.jini.outrigger.snaplogstore.LogStore| object. You will
      also need to ensure that |outrigger-snaplogstore.jar| has been
      granted sufficient permissions (see Outrigger's package
      documentation for a sample security policy file.).

      Note that depending on the nature of your application snaplogstore
      can have a significantly different performance profile than logstore.

      The storage formats used by snaplogstore and logstore are mutually


    Submitting Issues

If you would like to submit a bug against the Apache River release,
please use the River JIRA <>.
To discuss problems, questions, or suggestions on the release, please
subscribe to the |river-dev| list from the project Mailing Lists
<> page.


    Upcoming Changes planned for the next version of Apache River

# All packages ouside of the net.jini namespace will be renamed to
# Support for Java 5 language features
# Support for Modular Frameworks conforming to the OSGi r4.2 core

    Changes made since Apache River v2.1.1


    * [RIVER-5 <>] -
      HTTMPMD URLs can be considered equal while they are not
    * [RIVER-8 <>] -
      com.sun.jini.tool.ClassDep empty inside collection doesn't work
    * [RIVER-17 <>] -
      Misleading logging message when discovery constraint checking is
    * [RIVER-18 <>] -
      Order of discovery providers not maintained
    * [RIVER-22 <>] - NPE
    * [RIVER-24 <>] -
      PreferredListGen can create illegal PREFERRED.LIST
    * [RIVER-78 <>] -
      ClassDep generates duplicate output lines
    * [RIVER-82 <>] -
      ClassDep generates duplicate output lines
    * [RIVER-91 <>] -
      Uninstaller does not remove all items
    * [RIVER-205 <>] -
      LookupDiscovery can give untrusted code access to privileged threads
    * [RIVER-209 <>] -
      NullPointerException in SslConnection.checkConnectPermission()
    * [RIVER-212 <>] -
      use of "enum" as a variable name
    * [RIVER-213 <>] -
      (DOC) - JoinManger has typo in javadoc (missing </code>
      termination tag)
    * [RIVER-215 <>] -
      LookupDiscovery throws NullPointerException on terminate
    * [RIVER-216 <>] -
      ConfigurationFile should throw ExceptionInInitializerError if
      unable to read prohibited methods
    * [RIVER-217 <>] -
      Browser incorrectly assumes event source is ServiceRegistrar proxy
    * [RIVER-223 <>] -
      test: jtreg/net/jini/jeri/tcp/connectTimeout/TestConnectTimeout
      fails on Linux
    * [RIVER-224 <>] -
      Problem using browser to destroy service that supports
      DestroyAdmin but not JoinAdmin
    * [RIVER-225 <>] -
      NullPointerException in Reggie during destroy
    * [RIVER-227 <>] -
      tools manpages command lines do not include line continuation
    * [RIVER-230 <>] -
      (mux) SelectionManager catch Error block assumes getMessage()
      returns non-null
    * [RIVER-232 <>] -
      JarWrapper and PreferredListGen uses jsk_install_dir and install_dir
    * [RIVER-234 <>] -
      (DOC) Fiddler manpage directions for HTTP server should reference
      classserver.jar, not tools.jar
    * [RIVER-240 <>] -
      BasicInvocationDispatcher.dispatch could log more info for some
    * [RIVER-241 <>] -
      Mercury spelling errore
    * [RIVER-242 <>] - if
      a given ConnectionManager instance cannot create a reaper thread
      once, it never will again
    * [RIVER-245 <>] -
      Unicast discovery should close socket in case of connection
    * [RIVER-252 <>] -
      ComputeHttpmdCodebase NPE if resource bundle not found
    * [RIVER-253 <>] -
      ComputeDigest NPE if resource bundle not found
    * [RIVER-254 <>] -
      request initiation can block on I/O for inapplicable connection
    * [RIVER-255 <>] -
      Outrigger DestroyThread does not catch exceptions from
    * [RIVER-284 <>] -
      [PATCH] fix bad ParticipantHandle.compareTo
    * [RIVER-286 <>] -
      [PATCH] iterators on synchronized collections still need
    * [RIVER-289 <>] -
      Fix for RIVER-247 introduced wrong license headers and references
    * [RIVER-298 <>] - No
      JavaDocs generated for package "com.sun.jini.reliableLog"
    * [RIVER-302 <>] -
      ClassDep -newdirbehaviour option does not work
    * [RIVER-305 <>] -
      qa/GetPermissions test still uses "enum" keyword
    * [RIVER-320 <>] -
      Prebuilt hello example certificates have expired - need to provide
      new ones
    * [RIVER-324 <>] -
      Under certain circumstances, the ServiceDiscoveryManager internal
      LookupCache implementation can incorrectly process attribute
      change events before the lookup snapshot is processed.


    * [RIVER-7 <>] -
      com.sun.jini.tool.ClassDep should be smarter with outer classes
    * [RIVER-9 <>] -
      PreferredClassLoader should try to avoid making a direct check
      against the first URL
    * [RIVER-25 <>] -
      Improve logging for JoinManager at INFO and WARNING level
    * [RIVER-115 <>] -
      Multiple jar files with conflicting lists need facilities to map
      the chosen preferred value
    * [RIVER-116 <>] -
      Multiple jar files with conflicting lists need facilities to map
      the chosen preferred value
    * [RIVER-160 <>] -
      add TrustEquivalence to browser's list of uninterestingInterfaces
    * [RIVER-201 <>] -
      Show interfaces rather than classes in browser's Matching Services
    * [RIVER-206 <>] -
      Change default load factors from 3 to 1
    * [RIVER-210 <>] -
      Browser should cancel event lease on exit
    * [RIVER-220 <>] -
      LookupLocatorDiscovery catch Throwable blocks should also catch
    * [RIVER-226 <>] -
      LLD: consider delaying the queuing of a discovery request
      immediately after a discard
    * [RIVER-229 <>] -
      reduce number of Reaper threads created by ConnectionManager
    * [RIVER-231 <>] -
      ComputeHttpmdCodebase man page could be clarified with respect to
      algorithm used
    * [RIVER-233 <>] -
      ComputeDigest instructions reference sha and sha1
    * [RIVER-243 <>] -
      JarWrapper javadoc could be clearer wrt to classpath manifests
    * [RIVER-244 <>] -
      Text area below menu bar in ServiceBrowser should not be editable
    * [RIVER-246 <>] -
      Consider adding shutdown hook so Reggie sends final multicast
      packet if its VM is terminated
    * [RIVER-247 <>] -
      Destroy processing should use configurable duration and interval
      for unexporting
    * [RIVER-256 <>] -
      Outrigger catch Throwable blocks should also catch Throwable
    * [RIVER-262 <>] -
      ServiceUI Specification
    * [RIVER-270 <>] -
      tar tasks in release* ant targets fail due to 100-char limitation
      and are disabled
    * [RIVER-285 <>] -
      LookupDiscoveryManager has unused variable declarations

    New Feature

    * [RIVER-151 <>] -
      ClassDep should have a method to determine if problems occurred
    * [RIVER-161 <>] -
      Coalesce jars from multiple source dirs while retain current
      Manifest Classpath semantics
    * [RIVER-163 <>] -
      ClassDep doesn't pick up annotation or type parameter dependencies
    * [RIVER-292 <>] -
      The service browser should provide support for the ServiceUI support
    * [RIVER-295 <>] -
      Support configurable option to prevent from popup windows that
      require a confirmation by the user


    * [RIVER-294 <>] -
      Remove from
      the SVN repository


    * [RIVER-291 <>] -
      Cannot build QA tests using the supplied make files

See the Release Artifacts for remaining release notes.

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