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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Re: Switching to svnpubsub?
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 08:26:18 GMT
On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 10:26 PM, William A. Rowe Jr.
<> wrote:
> On 2/4/2010 11:24 PM, Martin Cooper wrote:
>> In that case, +0 from me. We gain the elimination of the p.a.o bit but
>> lose the benefit of the delay, so it's basically a wash, as far as I'm
>> concerned.
> After several years of watching incubator site commits, I don't see this
> is a serious problem.  I've been cursed by the delay far more often than
> I've seen folks win from the delay.  That said, I sure could use the
> email delay I had in Eudora that is missing from Thunderbird ;~)

It is possible to run an, syncing off a
branch, and the live site off trunk, or vice versa.

(possible, but I wouldn't recommend it, merging html changes like that
is pretty meh)

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