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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Validation incubator for JSR-303 Bean Validation
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2010 16:30:57 GMT

> Time to restart/finish this discussion.

I agree.  Seems that things have cooled off a bit.

> Personally, I'd have been happy to see this move forward either way

> 1) IP clearance with implementation work in Commons

This works only if we're dealing with a CODEBASE and an existing ASF
community that takes over it, albeit with the addition of a small number of
new members who are part of, but not the entire, developer base for the

> 2) Incubator project with graduation to Commons (or other TLP).

This is the correct path if we need to incubate a community.

Again, to summarize: we CLEAR code, we INCUBATE communities.

> We seem to have talked our way into doing nothing.

Option 3 is probably not the correct choice.  :-)

> The Geronimo project is going to need a Bean Validation implementation for
> compliance. So, I'm confident that there is enough interest to create an
> implementation at Apache. I'd prefer that it end up in Commons (since this
> is really an SE technology). However, I can start discussions in the
> community, if that's what it takes.

That would be great, but given the criteria above, which direction do you
feel that this promotes?

	--- Noel

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