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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject [VOTE] Release UIMA 2.3.0-rc9
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2010 15:52:55 GMT
Hi everyone,

The UIMA community has voted on and approved the release of Apache UIMA
2.3.0, consisting of
  - base UIMA
  - the UIMA-AS add-on to the base (incorporating ActiveMQ and adding
Asynchronous Scaleout capability
  - UIMACPP - the C++ support
  - UIMA-Addons - a subset of components from the UIMA Sandbox

The vote was +1 from all committers and 1 mentor; no other votes were
cast. We now request the approval of the Incubator PMC for this release.

Podling vote thread:
Release artifacts: 
(includes RAT reports)

SVN root nodes:
  base UIMA:

UIMA-AS continues to be registered as a 5D002 export artifact (due to
including ActiveMQ) - and no other components are currently required to
be so designated; see

The source distributions are built with scripts, and differ somewhat
from the SVN source trees.  The various distributions are built using
the Maven assembly plugin; the scripts for build the source distribution
are found here:

  base UIMA:                      uimaj-distr/src/main/assembly/src.xml
  UIMA-AS:                      uima-as-distr/src/main/assembly/src.xml
  UIMA-Addons: SandboxDistr/annotator-package/src/main/assembly/src.xml
The UIMACPP source package is built in a different manner for Windows
and *nix packaging; some of the make configuration is pre-done for each
of these packagings and included in the source distribution.  The
scripts for building the source are in
  buildSrcTree.cmd (Windows) and  (*nix)
In addition to the source bundles, this release includes (as before)
binary downloads for direct use by users; these include html/pdf
versions of documentation and javadocs.

The builds (except for UIMACPP) have been changed to use the Maven RAT
(Release Audit Tool) plugin.  The POMs for the 3 distribution projects
(uimaj-distr, uima-as-distr, and SandboxDistr/annotationPackage)
document the list of exceptions for the RAT tool (mostly things like
generated files or test data).


The release is signed by Marshall Schor except for UIMACPP which is
signed by Edward Epstein.
The signing key of Marshall Schor has been updated to the higher
strength following 

Please cast your vote!

Thanks. -Marshall

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