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From Mark Phippard <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL][VOTE] Subversion
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 18:01:52 GMT
On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 12:52 PM, William A. Rowe Jr.
<> wrote:
> Mark Phippard wrote:
>> I gave counsel to the Eclipse Foundation and explained that they could
>> provide a fully functioning JavaHL library to users with only EPL
>> compatible code.  Basically, you just need to build without Neon, BDB
>> and libintl support.  Of the three, the only thing an Eclipse client
>> user needs is Neon, and Serf serves as a viable replacement.  I do not
>> know why they never chose to release a binary built this way.  I can
>> only assume that Igor and Polarion did not want to make these
>> binaries.
> I suspect IBM's ICU lib could be substituted for libintl, and as there is
> some traction on the idea of dumping apr-iconv, this would be a sensible
> thing (since ICU is the heir apparent for non-iconv based platforms).

We use this for translating error messages etc.  I do not recall ICU
having a feature like that.  Not to mention how big it is.  We have
talked about using ICU in the past to improve Unicode support and deal
with normalization issues.

> I keep reading "The project doesn't release binaries".  Who will, Tigris?

Tigris is just a hosting service not an entity.

> Collab?  Yo momma?  One of the greatest advantages is that committers who
> wish to package binaries can do so under the ASF umbrella, something that
> in this litigious society I would never consider doing now.

There are lots of people that provide binaries.  See here:

For Windows, there are several sources (all free) and all with their
own differences based on what it is that you want.

> So is the "project doesn't release binaries" mantra a statement about the
> past practices, a tacit or explicit contract in bringing this to the ASF,
> or just the posters' personal preference?

I do not believe the project wants to be in the business of providing
binaries and we have an existing ecosystem of people that are
providing them successfully.


Mark Phippard

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