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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: How to shorten the duration of incubation (Was: Insanity...)
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 21:16:03 GMT
2009/11/10 Jukka Zitting <>:
> 3) Increase the amount of mentoring: The lack of mentor time and
> better (not necessarily more) supporting documentation gives
> unnecessary administrational and procedural headaches (failed release
> votes, etc.) to many podlings.
> Without more volunteers there's not much we can do about 3, which
> leaves the entry and exit criteria as the variables we can control.

The new community development project is focussing on creating a
continuous mentoring programme based on the highly successful GSoC
programme. Whilst the project is to focus on mentoring of individuals
not initially attached to a project I suspect the materials and
processes we create will be of significant value to the mentoring of
new community members entering via podlings. To this end Noel has
requested that he be made a member of the Community Development PMC,
he will almost certainly be voted in once the projects mailing lists
are set up.

In other words, #3 may not be possible right now, but I hope that we
can improve on this area in the future.


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