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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject Re: svn status update (was: svn commit: r880911 [1/13] - in /subversion/trunk: ./ build/ build/generator/ build/win32/ notes/obliterate/ packages/python-windows/ packages/windows-WiX/BuildSubversion/ packages/windows-WiX/BuildSubversion/WixDialog/ pa
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 01:17:13 GMT
On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 7:27 PM, Greg Stein <> wrote:
> fyi, Subversion has been migrated into the ASF repository. About 30+
> committers have access and are beginning work within the ASF repo.
> Below, you can see the big change to switch the licensing over to the
> ASF (we were already on ALv2, so this is merely a name change). Also,
> note the mailing lists are active. I declared "flag day" as 00:01 UTC
> Wednesday Nov 18 to switch to the lists (lazy
> consensus seems to approve). Please sign up as you will (all lists are
> open-subscription, but for private).
> Buildbot migration is now in-progress. I also expect some nightly
> builds to begin soon. At that point, we'll have tarballs if anybody
> would like to perform an audit. Hyrum has already fed some patches
> back to RAT to ease running RAT on release tarballs.

I ran a RAT report (0.6 version)  on subversion trunk but theres alot
of *noise* from it. I have opened a bug ticket for license header
review here:

It would make review easier if the files without headers had them
added. If thats considered a good idea, I'll try and help submitting


> Feel free to review source control. I'll send a notification when we
> have a handy tarball for review.
> Note that the software grant was recorded over the weekend. With that
> in hand, and a license/legal audit TBD, then subversion should be
> about ready to go(*).
> Cheers,
> -g
> (*) looks like we'll migrate to bugzilla. the issue and mailing list
> migration should not be a blocker for graduation (per ASF lax rules on
> location of such), but we'll have mailing lists done in the next
> couple weeks. issue tracker is TBD cuz of complicated data migration
> planning to do.

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