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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Re: Review-Then-Commit
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 16:32:03 GMT
On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 22:16 -0500, Greg Stein wrote:
> Not a "strong opinion", but I think that RTC hampers the free-flow of
> ideas, experimentation, evolution, and creativity. It is a damper on
> expressivity. You maneuver bureaucracy to get a change in. CTR is
> about making a change and discussing it. But you get *forward
> progress*.
> I also feel that RTC will tend towards *exclusivity* rather than the
> Apache ideal of *inclusivity*. That initial review is a social and
> mental burden for new committers. People are afraid enough of
> submitting patches and trying to join into a development community,
> without making them run through a front-loaded process.

I agree with this, and as a Cassandra committer I have in the past
protested our use of RTC. However, the current work-flow *in practice*
is more about having someone, anyone, give changes a once over (making
sure they build, that tests pass, that they do what they claim, etc),
before committing.

I agree with you, but tabled my protest because in practice what we have
is working, doesn't seem to be a barrier to contribution, and everyone
seems happy with it (even the casual contributors). I actually work with
these people on a daily basis, and I trust that when/if it actually does
become a problem, that people will be open to changing it.

> I've participated in both styles of development. RTC is *stifling*. I
> would never want to see that in any Apache community for its routine
> development (branch releases are another matter).
> My opinion is that it is very unfortunate that Cassandra feels that it
> cannot trust its developers with a CTR model, and pushes RTC as its
> methodology. The group-mind smashes down the creativity of the
> individual, excited, free-thinking contributor. 

Cassandra is in incubation, so by all means, use the IPMC group-mind to
smash the individual, excited, and free-thinking Cassandra contributors
into submission.

Eric Evans

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