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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Aries proposal for incubation
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 18:36:17 GMT
Hi Niclas,

2009/9/19 Niclas Hedhman <>:
> On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 8:10 PM, Guillaume Nodet <> wrote:
>> The real goal as it has
>> been said an OSGi Enterprise Programming Model, and the comparison
>> that has been made with Geronimo is not bad.
> Uhhhh... No.
> "The aim of the project is to produce a large and healthy community of
> J2EE developers tasked with the development of an open source,
> certified J2EE server..."
> IMHO, that is above and beyond what I am looking for. In fact, very
> clear scope "certified J2EE server".
> So instead of being critical, let me try and show with words what I
> see the difference;
>> Just keep the following sentences in mind:  "The Aries project will
>> deliver a set of pluggable Java components enabling an enterprise OSGi
>> application programming model.
> "The Aries project will define and develop an OSGi programming model,
> that enables an inter-operable component eco-system for enterprise
> OSGi applications (or servers)..." ??
> And in order to do so, it is natural that reference components are
> developed, but leave that out as a goal in itself.
> If it is "conversion of the well-used J2EE specifications into
> OSGi-enabled alternatives", i.e. "JNDI for OSGi", "JPA for OSGi" and
> so on, then spell that out.

You suggest the proposal spell out "conversion of the well-used J2EE
specifications into OSGi-enabled alternatives" but I think it's
actually more accurate to describe this in terms of implementing EEG
specs (as the proposal does) - the EEG specs define how existing
enterprise application technologies should be provided for in an OSGi
environment and the current text accurately reflects the intention of
the Aries project to provide implementation of these. Where Aries
needs a capability it will look for the OSGi spec related to it. Where
there isn't a spec we would develop the integration code anyway,
building community along the way and subsequently work with the OSGi
Alliance to consider what we found out by developing that

> If it IS a goal to become a large component registry for "anything
> OSGI enterprisey" then my -1 vote will stand.

Really it isn't. I mentioned earlier in this thread that Aries will
seek to use components from other projects where they exist: "It is
the expectation that Aries will therefore not be delivering components
such as ... Aries will instead seek to enable the use of such
components from other projects." (from the proposal). The Aries focus
is specifically on the enterprise application programming model when
running in an OSGi environment, with the starting point being
elaborated in "Initial Goals" and "Initial Source".


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