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From Jeremy Hughes <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Aries proposal for incubation
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 18:34:08 GMT
2009/9/16 Jim Jagielski <>:
> On Sep 16, 2009, at 4:32 AM, Niall Pemberton wrote:
>> IMO this is more a graduation issue, rather than something that should
>> prevent entry to the incubator - since thats when destination is
>> decided. There are many possible outcomes from that - perhaps some
>> parts will go to felix and others to a new TLP(s) - but I say lets see
>> how it works out during graduation rather than shooting it down now.
> I agree that the rubber hits the road when graduation, and when there
> is a resolution before the board to make this a TLP. However, my
> thoughts are that without this concern front-and-center from the get-go,
> the podling runs the risk of hitting this roadblock right at the end,
> at which point who knows how much impact this may have on it... In other
> words, if a podling umbrella attempts to graduate into a TLP umbrella, it
> will likely be shot down. Do we really want to wait until the end to
> address this once and for all?
> Just my 2c.
> PS: BTW, I think it's a great proposal and podling and technically am a big
>    +1 on it. My only concern is lack of directed focus...

It is not our intent to create an umbrella TLP - the focus of Aries is
specifically on developing the componentry needed to enable an
enterprise OSGi application prgramming model. This will include
implementing some of the OSGi EEG specs - the initial focus is as
described in the sections "Initial Goals" and "Initial Source" but the
proposal also tries to make it clear that Aries will consume
technology from other projects where available: "It is the expectation
that Aries will therefore not be delivering components such as ...
Aries will instead seek to enable the use of such components from
other projects."

We are starting out largely speaking as a community of people with a
heritage in enterprise Java runtimes looking to encouarge the
exploitation of OSGi by the applications deployed to enterprise
environments. We are not looking to target specific runtimes or to
implement *every* spec that comes out of the EEG but we are looking to
build coherent componentry needed by enterprise applications when
deployed as OSGi bundles to an enterprise runtime. We've described
this in the "Relationship with Other Apache Projects" section. How we
evolve from the stated "initial goals" will largely depend on the
community that forms - which I believe is reasonable for a new

To help remove any impression that Aries is looking to become an
umbrella TLP we could perhaps reword the first sentence of the
proposal from
"It is a goal of the Aries project to provide a natural home for open
source implementations of current and future OSGi EEG specifications,
"It is a goal of the Aries project to implement OSGi EEG
specifications that are part of the enterprise application programming
model, ...."
to clarify the scope - this remains consistent with the rest of the proposal.


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