Thanks Kevan, do I need to call for that formally myself or does it need to come from an Incubator PMC member?


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Re: Apache Wink Proposal

On May 6, 2009, at 11:40 AM, Nicholas L Gallardo wrote:

> All,
> Given that the discussion has quieted down after an initial flurry,  
> I was hoping we could move this forward.
> If there are no further comments/concerns, could we call for a vote  
> on whether or not to accept the proposal by Friday? With a few folks  
> expressing interest for their projects, we'd like to get going on  
> this to try and get an early version out this summer.
I'd certainly agree that it's time for a vote.

> On a side note, I've shared our changes with the CXF community in a  
> JIRA here: