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From Selvaratnam Uthaiyashankar <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Approve the M1 release of Apache Stonehenge (Second try)
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 01:20:57 GMT
Hi Sebb,

>>  the source archive does not have the
>>  > documentation source files. The generated site files are included
>>  > instead. [The binary archive correctly contains the generate site
>>  > files.]
>> I fixed it and uploaded to
>>  (Only modification is in the src packs, including documentation source
>>  files and removing generated site files).
>>  Is it ok, or do we have to go for a re-vote?
> The source archive does not seem to contain the .css files - how do
> these end up in the generated site?

We don't have any custom css yet. css files are generated by "mvn
site" command and site documents are using them.

> It looks like the xdocs/resources directory is missing from SVN and
> the source archive.

Do we need this, if we are using generated css files?

>>  >
>>  > The build file for the .NET code assumes that the code is being built
>>  > from SVN, and tries to update the current directory. This is not
>>  > appropriate for a source code archive,
>> Current build file will check for svn working copy and if it is not an
>>  svn working copy, it will omit it and continue to build. So, it will
>>  work in the source release as well. But, you are correct, we have to
>>  remove it. Do we have to remove it for this release or can we do it
>>  for next release (since it works)?
>>   which should be self-contained
>>  > (apart from any 3rd party dependencies, which should be documented.).
>>  > The build file should check that any required environment variables
>>  > are set up and exit with an error if not. Also any required settings
>>  > should be documented somewhere, preferably in the script as well as in
>>  > the top-level README or BUILDING file.
>>  >
>> Installation guide WIKI shows all the dependencies and the settings needed.
> As mentioned above, this information needs to be included in the source archive.

I am bit unclear here. We are including this information in the source
archive as the pdf documents (generated from wiki). Do we need to
extract the dependencies and put it in BUILDING file?


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