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From "Gavin" <>
Subject Some cruft in incubator site on people
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 11:12:34 GMT
Hi All,

Having updated log4php status page and doing svn up on people I noticed some
files that could do with removing.

?                   projects/bluesky.html.r670162
?                   projects/bluesky.html.mine
?                   projects/bluesky.html.r672476
?                   projects/bluesky.html.07012008

I take it the correct version is now up, and the above 4 from June 2008 are
good to go?

?                   projects/geronimo/.htaccess

This one redirects to the Geronimo tlp website, has this outlived its
usefulness from when it was put there in 2005?


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