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From "Gavin" <>
Subject RE: Getting Log4PHP going again.
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 05:16:27 GMT

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> From: Gavin []
> Sent: Monday, 27 April 2009 2:46 PM
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> Subject: RE: Getting Log4PHP going again.
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> > From: [] On Behalf Of Niclas
> > Hedhman
> > Sent: Sunday, 22 March 2009 2:38 PM
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> > Subject: Re: Getting Log4PHP going again.
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> > I am not a PHP guy at all, but AFAIUI (only from the package
> > resolution issues in Debian) the PHP4 and PHP5 is incompatible and
> > that a port require substantial work.
> >
> > If so, that is a good thing and give some hope that it can be revived.
> > The main issue about community is still a troublesome one, and IMHO a
> > lot of blogosphere and article activities would be needed to get some
> > attention to the project and hopefully some fresh souls.
> >
> > I support the idea of get going again, and can volunteer a Mentor role
> > (thanks to Etch and Pivot being excellent podlings and require little
> > time now). I can also assist in patch application, but can't review
> > the code per se...
> Hi Niclas.
> If your still willing, can I add you in as a Mentor ?

And just to be clear here, the status page [1] list 3 mentors.

Curt Arnold
Scott Deboy
Jim Jagielski

Curt (logging PMC Chair) and Scott seem to be from the sponsoring project
logging services so I don't want to get on their wrong side obviously, but
I'm thinking that their priorities are elsewhere and not on this project (as
neither have so far had time in the last couple of months to comment on this
re-re-boot and have not committed to svn in 15 months)

Therefore I'm proposing that those two be removed from their mentoring
responsibilities and replaced with Niclas and a.n.other should one pop up
(hint hint)

There are also two committers listed

Alvero Carrasco
Knut Urdalen

who seem busy with other stuff (having not committed at all in the 15 months
I went back through svn) so would like to remove those from the committer
list also.

(It would be fantastic if any of the above I've suggested removing decide
they do now have the time to help, but I am trying to start from a clean
slate here, hope nobody is offended)

[1] -

> Thanks
> Gav...

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