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From Martijn Dashorst <>
Subject Re: Incubation Questions
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 20:09:35 GMT
On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 8:28 PM, Scott Merrill <> wrote:
> Our wiki is open to anyone who wants to make an account. The wiki is
> the primary point of collaboration for the end-user manual we
> distribute with our project. The Incubation guidelines state
>   "In particular, care must be taken to ensure that access to the wiki used to
>   create documentation is restricted to only those with filed CLAs. The PPMC
>   MUST review all changes and ensure that trust is not abused."
> We're not totally keen on that restriction, though we understand the
> intent.

It is for legal issues: we (The ASF) are not allowed to distribute IP
without proper licensing. Anything that is not covered by a CLA (or an
acceptable license) can not be distributed by The ASF. Wiki content is
difficult, as the modifications made by folks are clearly meant to be
shared, but until they sign a CLA, we can't redistribute and repackage
it, i.e. bundle the docs in a release.

> One possible work around would be two wikis: a public wiki
> open for participation by any interested party, and a "restricted"
> wiki for "officially sanctioned contributions". A member of the
> project could cull contributions from the public wiki and move them to
> the restricted wiki.

Only if those contributions are covered by a CLA.

> This begs the question, though: would such a
> public wiki be permissible within the Incubation-provided
> infrastructure?

Yes, see and

> Are we permitted to maintain our own wiki, on our current
> infrastructure, during the incubation process?
> Are we permitted to maintain our own bug tracker, on our current
> infrastructure, during the incubation process?

You have to migrate during incubation to Apache hardware. Anything not
hosted on Apache hardware is not part of your project.

> I realize that both of the above fly in the face of some of the point
> of incubation, but we'd like to make sure we're exploring all the
> possible options before we lock into potentially major changes.

If you choose to incubate, go all the way. Otherwise you're in for a
long time in the incubator. The faster you learn how The ASF works
(including infrastructure) the faster you're out of the incubator.

> We currently use Launchpad ( to facilitate
> end-user contributions to our translation efforts. Would it be
> permissible to keep using Launchpad?

IMO: not advisable. People submitting translations in launchpad have
to resubmit them through JIRA (or bugzilla).

> Would people contributing
> translations be required to sign a CLA?

Small contributions can be ticked off in the JIRA issue that takes in
the contribution–there's a checkbox that allows us to redistribute the
IP with releases. A CLA is preferred though, especially with recurring


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