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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Approve the release of Shindig Incubator 1.0
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 15:28:48 GMT
Brian just pointed me at the legal-discuss list thread ...

Why on earth would you bring up how the releases are made for Maven  
anywhere but on the Maven list first? No one on our PMC has the  
faintest idea that you are talking about us. I find this incredibly  
disrespectful, and cannot understand why the simplest of issues  
devolve into subterfuge here time after time after time.

Take the issue to the heart of the matter. It is quite demonstrable  
that no one here is actually going to change any of the tooling  
related to Maven except for the Maven developers, and while everyone  
bitches and complains the fact of the matter is that people here  
generally do very little constructively to fix something that is  
related to Maven. This is a case in point. I can assure that the most  
effective way to change something with the Maven-based release process  
is to actually make sure the Maven developers know. Without a heads  
up, a pointer, you have a pretty good chance that none of us have any  
idea what you're talking about.

As per usual we, the Maven developers, will do everything to fix the  
problem and we're generally fine with that but I definitely do not  
like conversations happening that involve us yet no attempt is made to  
contact us. The legal-discuss list is not something any typical Apache  
PMC member or committer has the vaguest interest in and is probably  
not subscribed. Olivier who is a PMC member is asking for a pointer to  
the discussion because he has no idea what's happening.

In the time you've spent talking about the problem -- and not with  
anyone who could probably fix it -- you probably could have altered  
the organization wide POM to make the assemblies you desire.

On 28-Apr-09, at 8:07 AM, Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 10:31 PM, Jason van Zyl  
> <> wrote:
>>> Ok, I think we are in general agreement. Are you personally of the
>>> opinion that -sources.jar are not adequate as formal ASF releases?
>> They are not, they do not need to be, and they would be useless for  
>> the
>> purpose they serve. As long as the main distributables (like these at
>> are accompanied by a source  
>> distribution
>> which can be built.
> Excellent, then we are on the same page after all. I totally agree to
> the usefulness of the -sources.jars, and that is not something I want
> to remove... (I obviously need to improve my skills of understanding
> how my communication can be interpreted and correct it to be less
> ambiguous).
> Cheers
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Jason van Zyl
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