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From "Niclas Hedhman" <>
Subject Re: Pivot Proposal
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2008 06:30:27 GMT
On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 10:20 AM, Simone Gianni <> wrote:
> Good examples are many Google apps that display the complete
> layout even if they are still loading in the background, giving the user
> the feeling that everything loaded quickly, while it is still loading in
> the background. I'm pretty sure this can be achieved with applets as well.

Having deployed "heavy" Java applications on clients via both Applet
and JNLP/WebStart (preferred!), I can vouch that it only takes a
little bit extra effort to have the Java app showing 'something'
within a second or so, and loading the rest of the app in your own
bootstrap controlled classloader.

Also, I have been involved in the preview and recommendations to how
to present this proposal to the Incubator, and it didn't strike me
that one should need to spend to compare with JSF, GWT and other
non-Java solutions, when JavaFX is the main 'competitor' and reading
up any paper on "Why JavaFX, instead of X?" would apply here. But
then, perhaps I just got carried away with my own enthusiasm.

Noel's points are otherwise accurate and precise, and I am sure Greg
and Todd will address this asap. Other feedback is of course welcome
early, otherwise there was supposed to be a [Proposal] thread later
on, perhaps after the holidays... Noel kind of short-circuited the
intentions :o)


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