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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject Pivot Proposal
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 19:21:07 GMT
Greg Brown wrote:

> We'll put together a draft proposal

Which is now at

All in all, appears to be a very nice proposal.  :-)

You might want to reorganize and elaborate a bit.  In particular, you list
Flex, Silverlight, and OpenLazlo up top, but you don't appear to compare
against them, whereas JavaFX is mentioned and compared against in a sort of
buried location, and are others in the Java RIA space, such as GWT, are not
mentioned at all.

I'd also be interested to know how you feel it might relate to projects such
as MyFaces (JSF) where one could imagine rich client components as plums in
a JSP pudding.  Given your own references to AJAX and the existence of AJAX
components for JSF, the question seems begged.

Have you done anything about allowing WS-* (WSDL) Web Services, in addition
to REST style?  Are there any issues?  Or would we use REST to reach
server-side, and go to WS-* type service from the server?

Am I correct that you require a client-side JRE?  I do not have an issue
with it, I just want to confirm what I'm seeing.  To the contrary, I've
argued that JavaScript is what is wrong with AJAX, and that we need a
Java-based solution, thus providing a proper security model for the
application code being loaded into the browser.  So this looks quite
appealing so far, although startup time is slower than I would like, and I
am wondering about footprint.

Given that the core of your client side appears to be a Java Applet, you
might wish to know that I have been to your site and been running the demos
under Firefox 3 with Sun's newly released 64-bit Java plugin for linux.

	--- Noel

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