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From Greg Brown <>
Subject Re: Pivot Proposal
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 20:30:22 GMT
>All in all, appears to be a very nice proposal.  :-)

Thanks.  :-)

>You might want to reorganize and elaborate a bit.  In particular, you list
>Flex, Silverlight, and OpenLazlo up top, but you don't appear to compare
>against them, whereas JavaFX is mentioned and compared against in a sort of
>buried location, and are others in the Java RIA space, such as GWT, are not
>mentioned at all.

Good points. I restructured that section to more clearly articulate how Pivot differs from
those platforms, and I added a section comparing Pivot to GWT (currently just stubbed out
- will provide more detail later).

>I'd also be interested to know how you feel it might relate to projects such
>as MyFaces (JSF) where one could imagine rich client components as plums in
>a JSP pudding.  Given your own references to AJAX and the existence of AJAX
>components for JSF, the question seems begged.

I don't see any reason why Pivot couldn't be used in conjunction with something like MyFaces
(or any other server-side framework). We actually tried to generate some interest in the Grails
community along these lines earlier in the year, but we didn't have much luck.

>Have you done anything about allowing WS-* (WSDL) Web Services, in addition
>to REST style?  Are there any issues?  Or would we use REST to reach
>server-side, and go to WS-* type service from the server?

Pivot includes "out-of-the-box" support for REST-style web queries, but Pivot apps are not
limited to REST for server communication.
Because it runs in a JRE (as you noted), a Pivot application can take advantage of any client/server
protocol that has a Java API. You could use Axis to talk to SOAP-based services, and the source
code includes a demo app that talks to a Flex RPC server; see

>So this looks quite
>appealing so far, although startup time is slower than I would like, and I
>am wondering about footprint.

>From our experience, startup time when running in J6u10+ is vastly improved over earlier
versions, though it is certainly still an issue for users running pre-J6u10 JVMs. Memory footprint
is comparable to an AJAX application and can often be less - large-scale AJAX applications
can become quite heavy.

>Given that the core of your client side appears to be a Java Applet, you
>might wish to know that I have been to your site and been running the demos
>under Firefox 3 with Sun's newly released 64-bit Java plugin for linux.

Hopefully the experience was positive? I'm not sure if we've tested that configuration yet.

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