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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject Incubator Report November 2008
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 18:48:47 GMT
November 2008 Board

Overall a good month.  A few items of note.

Several of us met with Michael Cote at ApacheCon to discuss the Incubator
with him.  Bertrand was instrumental in instigating and facilitating the

The most contentious, and it isn't very contentious at that, discussion is
regarding the Helenus proposal, which is to incubate an already existing
fork of Facebook's Cassandra project, ostensibly because Cassandra is dead
from a community perspective, with Facebook being absentee landlords.
Because of that, the community has already forked the project, and is
looking for a home.  Ian Holsman is our point of contact with that community
at present, and proposed Incubation.

Stonehenge has been accepted for Incubation.  From the proposal: "The aim of
the Stonehenge project is to develop a set of sample applications to
demonstrate seamless interoperability across multiple underlying platform
technologies by using currently defined W3C and OASIS standard protocols."

Kato has been accepted for Incubation.  From the proposal: "Kato is a
project to develop the Specification, Reference Implementation and
Technology Compatibility Kit for JSR 326: Post-mortem JVM Diagnostics API"

OpenWebBeans has been accepted for Incubation.  From the proposal: "Open Web
Beans will be an implementation of the Web Beans Specification which is
defined as JSR-299."

A number of other proposals are under consideration.

Abdera, Buildr, CouchDB and Qpid are in the process of seeking graduation.
NMaven is going to go dormant.  JvZ apparently wants to move the project out
of the ASF entirely.


= Abdera =

Abdera has been incubating since May 2006.  It is a framework for building
Atom publishing protocol clients and servers.

At the time of writing, Abdera is in the process of composing our graduation
to TLP proposal for the Incubator PMC.  Depending on how quickly that gets
done we hope to have a proposal for the board for either the November or
December meeting.

Other than that progress is steady but slow.  We have a continuing stream of
minor issues and fixes, and a few relatively new committers who have been
taking care of them.  There has been little major progress but a fair amount
of minor changes and fixes.  All in all the project seems healthy and we
anxiously await graduation and our next release, which should come soon

= BlueSky =

Bulesky has been incubating since 01-12-2008. It is an e-learning solution
designed to help solve the disparity in availability of qualified education
between well-developed cities and poorer regions of China.

During the past month, we finally clear the legal problem lay in our source
code. Agreement achieved that the libstdc++ don't collide with ASL, however,
FFMPEG is absolutely vetoed under ASL. So we have to find a subsitute to
replace it.

Students of the bluesky team@XJTU are either busy cramming for exams or
painstaking coding for an original system. Thus the work at Apache has been
greatly delayed. But we still complete several critical things. The first is
to eleminate the code which violates ASL from the Bluesky source code.
Secondly, we renewed the user manual. Hope it will facilitate people who
wanna try our software.

Top priorities:
 *upload our source code to SVN repository. In order to ensure the
qualification of our source code under ASL, we will, soon, put our
"cleansing version" code on our website@XJTU.China and hope people at Apache
community to have a double examination. After that we will commit our code
to SVN.

 *Another emergency is to replace FFMPEG. FFMPEG plays a critical role in
our software. If proper subsititute can't be found, the progress of our
incubating at Apache will be delayed to a large extent.

= Buildr =


We released Buildr 1.3.3 on October 16th, our 4th release in the incubator.
Along with bug fixes and minor improvements, this release featured improved
code organization for multi-language support.  We also reorganized the
documentation to have language-specific sections.


In August Antoine Contal has been accepted as a new commmitter and was
subsequently voted in the Buildr PPMC.

Traffic on the mailing lists has been steady.  A
Fast Feather talk] about Buildr was given during ApacheCon.


We started discussing graduation in September and requested community
feedback on the proposed resolution in October.  In November, we initiated
the [ vote from the Incubator
PMC] and the vote passed.

= Click =

Click is a page and component oriented Java web framework.

Click has been incubating since July 2008.

We have released 1.5 final and are in the process of migrating SVN and JIRA.

Tasks completed since October:
 * Public Wiki has been setup.
 * Source code have been exported and are currently being migrated to

Top priorities:
 * Finish SVN migration.
 * Import issues from existing JIRA.

= CouchDB =

CouchDB is a distributed document-oriented database system written in
Erlang. The project entered incubation on February 12th, 2008.

Since the last report in August, we released CouchDB version 0.8.1. We are
currently collecting feedback 1.3.2 cleared up some missing/mixed copyright
issues that slipped past QA in earlier releases, and as of now we have no
outstanding licensing issues.
for a 0.9.0 release since trunk has gotten some significant additions:

 * faster b-tree operations
 * authentication for Futon, the admin interface
 * improvements for building CouchDB on BSD and Solaris systems
 * support for massive numbers of databases on a single node
 * improved binary attachment handling
 * multi-key-get and include-docs options for views

An initial version of CouchDB's security model is also in the works for the
0.9 release.

The project added J Chris Anderson (jchris) to the list of (now five)
committers with the approval of the IPMC. A few patches that lead to new
features were contributed by non-committers. General feedback, interest and
support in and of CouchDB continues to grow.

The project is currently asking the IPMC to recommend CouchDB's graduation
to the Board.

= Droids =

Droids is a new Incubator project recently arrived from Apache Labs (end
It's an intelligent standalone robot framework that allows one to
create and extend existing web robots.

Things are charging along in Droids. The code has been moved over in
SVN, a website setup, JIRA project migrated and a wiki location
defined. There is much coding and redesign activity from the initial 3
committers and Thorsten successfully seeded interest in Droids at both
BarCamp and FastFeather Talks at ApacheCon US.

Now the focus is on evolving the design and building a larger community.

= Empire-db =

Empire-db is a relational data access layer offering special benefits over
other solutions through string-free dynamic query generation, metadata
access and improved compile-time safety.

Empire-db has been accepted to the incubator in July 2008.

Recent activity:

In October only a few minor bug fixes and improvements for both the core
database component and the Struts2 extensions library have been provided.

Still on our list is the maven support for the upcoming 2.0.5 release.
Another idea is to provide an example for how to integrate Web-Services in a
Web-Application using Empire-db's metadata capabilities.

There are also plans for providing integration with Apache Wicket, which
could be a new subproject just like the Empire-db Struts2 extensions. This
however is a task that would take a few months to develop.

Community aspects:

In order to increase our community and make people more aware of the
capabilities and benefits of Empire-db we have submitted a proposal for a
presentation at the Apache Con Europe 2009 in Amsterdam. We are waiting to
hear from the conference committee any time soon.

= Etch =

Etch was accepted into Incubator on the 2 September 2008.

Etch is a cross-platform, language- and transport-independent framework for
building and consuming network services. The Etch toolset includes a network
service description language, a compiler, and binding libraries for a
variety of programming languages.

Progress has been slow this last month, mainly due to lag in getting the
source code into Subversion. We have at least now gotten the stuff into
/repos/test and everything looks good and are now waiting for Joe to put it
into /repos/asf/incubator/etch.

The following tasks are in progress:
 * Publishing source tree in SVN; INFRA has the subversion repo-dumpfile and
we have tested access.
 * Confluence Wiki for Etch, and once it is setup we will begin migration of
the public pages at to Apache.

Our goal is to get back to coding once we have the infrastructure

= JSecurity =

We just have to report that the code base has been imported into the ASF
repository, and as it was a long waited move, it's good to have it announced
in this monthly report !

= Lokahi =

Lokahi did not report, and has had no activity since March.  The PMC will
investigate whether or not this project should go into a dormant status.

= NMaven =

NMaven develops plugins and integration for Maven to make building and using
.NET languages a first-class citizen in Maven.

Incubating since: 2006-11-17

 * Slight increase in mailing list traffic
 * Work has progressed on helping to migrate the previous version to the
revised trunk
 * Discussion of another release
 * Started to set up a repository on the Maven central repository for .NET
 * Presented a brief fast feather talk at ApacheCon, but didn't generate
additional interest
 * Very recent discussion on the future of the podling and it's dissolution

As noted, JvZ indicated to the Incubator that the NMaven community wish to
leave the ASF.

= Olio =

Olio has been incubating since September 2008.

Olio is a web 2.0 toolkit to help developers evaluate the suitability,
functionality and performance of various web technologies by implementing
a reasonably complex application in several different technologies.

All infrastructure has been created for the project.

The olio web site has been set up via Confluence.

Initial code drops for rails and php have been committed to the repository.

= OpenWebBeans =

Open Web Beans will be an ASL-licensed implementation of the Web Beans
Specification which is defined as JSR-299.

OpenWebBeans is entered incubator in October 26, 2008. Since then the
following items has been done;

 * Matthias Wessendorf kindly accepts to be a new mentor of the project
besides Kevan Miller.
 * The SVN, mailing lists and JIRA needs to be set up. Infra. group is
informed about this.
 * The initial committers submitted their ICLA.
 * OpenWebBeans status page is generated, but it needs some more work.

After the SVN is setup , we will be working for an import of a current
codebase into the Apache repository.

= PDFBox =

Apache PDFBox is an open source Java library for working with PDF documents.
PDFBox entered incubation on February 7th, 2008.

The website has been set up. The license review is underway and has already
progressed quite far. The export control notification has been set up. These
tasks and most other tasks were all performed by PDFBox mentors (mostly by
Jukka Zitting). Sadly, there has been almost no participation by the initial
committers, yet, except for handling the license grants and CLAs.

On the user side, some questions don't seem to get answered. Not many
patches have reached us, either.

Issues before graduation:

  * Increase community size and activity
  * Finish license review
  * First Apache release

= PhotArk =

Apache PhotArk will be a complete open source photo gallery application
including a content repository for the images, a display piece, an access
control layer, and upload capabilities.

  * PhotArk has been accepted for Incubation in August 19, 2008.
  * Issues before graduation :
      * Grow community
      * Releases

  * The community has not changed over the last month.
  * Our initial prototype is quickly approaching the point of initial
release. We hope to have a .01 release by the end of the year.  It is the
hope of the current community that having a release will help attract other

= Sling =

Sling is a framework to develop content centric web applications based on
the idea of modularizing the rendering of HTTP resources.

Sling entered incubation on September 5th, 2007.


    * Although we don't see a deluge of users yet, there are signs that
people are starting to use Sling in their projects.
    * Sling has been presented at and ApacheCon US.


    * Lots of bug fixes and enhancements since the first release in June.
Therefore we are considering another full release soon.
    * Due to timing constraints work on enhancing the documentation on the
site has not gone forward yet.

Issues before graduation

    * Grow a more diverse community (so far commits mostly from Day

Licensing and other issues

    * none

= Tashi =

Tashi has been incubating since September 2008.

The Tashi project aims to build a software infrastructure for cloud
computing on massive internet-scale datasets (what we call Big Data). The
idea is to build a cluster management system that enables the Big Data that
are stored in a cluster/data center to be accessed, shared, manipulated, and
computed on by remote users in a convenient, efficient, and safe manner.

The initial committers' accounts are active.
The initial code import has been completed.
A project website and an incubation status page have been added.

Items to be resolved before graduation:
	* Complete items listed on the project status page (relating to entering
	* Community diversity (currently Intel and CMU committers)
	* Demonstrate ability to create Apache releases

= VCL =
Status for November 2008

This is the first report to the board since being bootstrapped.  Over the
month we have created our SVN tree and started some of the administrative


User IDs were created for:

 *    Aaron Peeler (NCSU) [MAILTO]
 *    Andy Kurth (NCSU) [MAILTO]
 *    Brian Bouterse (IBM) [MAILTO]
 *    John Bass (NCSU) [MAILTO]
 *    Josh Thompson (NCSU) [MAILTO]
 *    Mark Gardner (VA Tech) [MAILTO]
 *    Mladen Vouk (NCSU) [MAILTO]
 *    Steve Thorpe (MCNC) [MAILTO]
 *    Don Sizemore (UNC-CH) [MAILTO]
 *    Ken Chestnutt (UNC-CH) [MAILTO]
 *    Paul Jones (UNC-CH) [MAILTO]

Next Steps

The CCLA from NC State has been transmitted to Apache and we are looking for
confirmation in officers/cclas.txt so we can begin introducing code.

Our next steps are to complete IP clearance and get organized.

= WSRP4J =

The project did not report, but recent discussion with
( indicates that the "fuzzy
state of potential patent claims on WSRP 1.0" prevents the project from
making releases at this time, which impacts community development.

= XAP =

XAP appears to have become essentially dead back in March or April.  The
Incubator PMC will investigate dormant status for it.

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