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From "Niclas Hedhman" <>
Subject Re: Allow incubator releases? [was: way too wordy]
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 07:22:26 GMT
On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 10:21 AM, William A. Rowe, Jr.
<> wrote:

> Drop any pretense that the incubator has a say
> over the already-done code releases, and we can seriously start the real
> discussion, which would have been "motivating projects to graduate" if we
> hadn't wasted several hundred posts on a silly topic.

Uhhh... I might misunderstand your English here (mine ain't that refined);
Are you suggesting that the Incubator PMC has no say over code
releases of podlings?

My stance is still; Releases from the Incubator are ASF releases of
code, no different than another PMC. IMHO, the disclaimers are not
helping anyone, not the podling, not the IPMC, not the downstream
projects, not the public, not the repository management, not the tool
So, I still think; WTFing Point?

Now, we can deal with such situation in two possible ways;

 * Accept that projects eventually dies, and that everyone downstream
needs to deal with that, and that downstream users are capable of
basic SWOT analysis and let podlings release as much as they want. I
would like (as a Maven user) the <groupId> in Maven artifacts to be
org.apache.incubator.<podling> until the graduation occurs.

 * Not accept podlings to release code. Possibly having the "final
act" of the podling to do a release, which effectuates the graduation.

I am Ok with either of these, since I think that downstream users
ain't stupid and more capable than I think we give them credit for.


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