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From Steve Poole <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Kato - mentors needed etc
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 19:44:16 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Sonal Goyal wrote:
>> I am an independent consultant interested in mentoring this project. A
>> few things are not clear to me:
>> 1. The Apache site
>> states that a working codebase is essential for incubation. How do we
>> start if we are at the specification level ?
>> 2. Is it necessary for a mentor to be an Apache member or part of the
>> Incubator PMC? How do I join otherwise ?
> There might be a disconnect here in the word Mentor.  Mentorship here is
> strictly talking about organizing projects around the ASF development
> and community model.  If you want to help, you would just offer to be
> one of the initial contributors (and contributor here doesn't have to
> mean coder - it might be in documentation or design or whatever you have
> to bring to the table.)
> Yes, in answer to 2) above, you must be an Incubator PMC member.  The only
> candidates really entertained are either already ASF members, or we have
> also voted in IPMC members who have served on a project PMC for some time.
> The idea is that IPMC members are already familiar with how PMCs work at
> the foundation.
Thanks Bill. So unfortunately Sonal can not be a mentor for this project.

> And in answer to 1), no there needs to be no codebase before entering the
> incubator.  Although if theres no plan to produce any code, but only a
> specification, the might be a good landing
> place because it's organized similar to the ASF, but is designated to
> foster specifications and not concerned with code.
Just to be clear IBM is offering to contribute its existing DTFJ code.  
So there would be an existing
working codebase for this project to use as a seed.

> Bill
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