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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: SVN move
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 15:35:28 GMT
>> So, to make this a little more clear, when Wicket performed a few  
>> non-ASF
>> releases on their old project site was their old Subversion  
>> repository
>> shutdown and the ASF Subversion repository exclusively used?
> Yes. We are volunteers. Having to maintain 2 repositories would have
> been prohibitive. We made it absolutely clear that if we were not able
> to create releases from our code base, and had to maintain 2
> repositories, we would not have joined Apache.

I can also say the same for JSPWiki.  Having to maintain two code  
repositories, two issue trackers and a total of four mailing lists  
would be too much of a pain.  Both to developers and users.

I don't think JSPWiki would've attempted Apache Incubation if that  
were a requirement.

> Yes. When we imported our repository we included everything (full
> history) from our old SVN repository.

Ditto.  The Incubation work has been concentrating on relicensing the  
code under AL 2.0, and learning the Apache ways of working.  We  
release updates to the old releases using our own distribution  
mechanism (for the general user, there is no trace of Apache  
anywhere, except the fact that the issue tracker is on ASFs site, and  
so is the mailing list).  However, this gives us a great way to  
practice the Apache way of working with minimal disruption to  

Since JSPWiki code has been under various versions of GPL since 2001,  
this relicensing stuff has taken quite a while, including pieces of  
code which needed to be completely rewritten from scratch.  If that  
work had to be done in two repositories at the same time, we might as  
well have forgotten about it.

It was clear from the beginning that the transition of a large  
project into Apache would not be easy or fast, especially since all  
of the committers are working on a volunteer basis.  I find the  
Incubator to be an excellent "safe haven" where this work can be done.

> Yes, but older versions are no longer maintained (we currently only
> support ASF releases, provided there are no security issues).

This is also our plan; there is no desire to continue maintenance of  
the LGPL-version of the code, once the ASF transition and incubation  
is complete.

/Janne, who is sorry he can't contribute much to this conversation -  
I'm on holiday behind a slow cell connection...

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