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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: legal questsion
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2008 19:15:18 GMT
On Jul 7, 2008, at 7:50 AM, Werner Punz wrote:

> Hello everyone, since the discussion on the myfaces devs list has  
> pointed me towards here a legal question.
> I developed in my working time which I can dedicate to opensource  
> software a significant library, licensed under ASF 2.0 license.
> It is an extension library to the myfaces tomahawk library.
> Every single line of code of that lib is currently written by me.
> I have committer rights to myfaces.
> The main issue is, that the library itself probably will end up as  
> separate myfaces subproject.
> The main issue is, is any incubation needed, or can the code just  
> be merged in. Or does a ip clearance/software grant has to be  
> performed upfront. The code was developed outside of the myfaces  
> repo, but the coderights, and licensing issues are in the clear!

As far as Apache is concerned, if you wrote the software and know you  
have a
right to license it to the ASF, then your existing CLA is sufficient  
-- you
can just commit the code.  Since you wrote it during "working  
time" (which I
assume means that you were working for hire), then it is in your best
interests to have the employer sign a software grant for this work.   
or not that is necessary depends on your employment contract and locale.
I take it that German copyright laws would apply in this instance, so  
are in a better position to determine your rights than we are.  If  
you do
decide to just commit the code, then be sure to explain the copyright
rationale in the commit log.

The license is to the ASF as a whole, so where it is placed within
myfaces doesn't matter for the legal terms (that should be decided
by the myfaces PMC).


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