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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Updating the website (was: Help!)
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2008 10:05:05 GMT

the website is not in XML, it is _generated_from_ XML.
SVN contains both, the XML source and the HTML result.
You "upload" the HTML part by running "svn update" on
the server. The general procedure for updating such
websites generated from XML, at the Incubator or elsewhere,
is as follows:

1. Get the current contents from SVN.
If it's the first time, you do "svn co". If you have an
old copy already on your machine, you do "svn update".

1a. (optional) Regenerate the site before changing anything.
You run "ant" to regenerate the HTML from XML.
Theoretically, you will generate exactly the same
HTML files that are already in SVN. Run "svn status"
to check that. If you see differences, investigate where
they come from. The most likely case is that somebody
modified the generated HTML directly instead of
changing the XML and regenerating.
If "svn status" shows no differences, you can proceed
without worry.

2. Change the XML.
If you create new documents, you have to "svn add" them.
If you only change existing documents, that is not needed.
Use "svn status" to see which files you changed.

3. Regenerate the HTML.
You already know how to do that from step 1a :-)
"svn status" will show you what files have changed.
Unless you modified the site navigation, only those
HTML files for which you modified the XML should be
different. If you added new XML files, you have to
do "svn add" for the new HTML files as well.

4. Locally check the generated HTML, optionally repeat 2+3.
Have a look at the generated HTML to see if the
changes come out as you'd like them. Right now, all
changes are locally on your machine. You can edit
the XML and regenerate as often as you want to.
Nobody else will notice.

5. Bring your changes into SVN.
Run "svn update" to make sure nobody else just
modified the site while you were working on it.
If somebody did, skip back to 3.
Run "ant" one last time to regenerate the site.
Don't think about whether it is necessary or not.
Just do it, so you're sure you didn't forget :-)
Then, do "svn commit". That brings your changes,
both XML and generated HTML, into SVN.

6. Update the website on the server.
Log into, change to the respective
directory below /www/... and run "umask 002". This
is *very* important! When you check out, the files
need to have write permission for the group. Otherwise,
nobody else will be able to correctly update the site
until this is fixed!
Now that you are in the correct directory, and your
umask is set to allow group write permission, you
run "svn update". This will get the generated HTML
files that you put into SVN on the server.

7. Wait until the production servers are synced.
It takes an hour or so for your changes to appear
on the life site. Deletions will take a day.

Hope that helps. Note that I omitted some advanced
use cases, like deleting pages.


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