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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: moving a failed incubation project
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 08:23:06 GMT
> very much agreed and I guess if one can show a migration path (as I  
> have suggested) which doesn't break too much, then I think nobody  
> should mind renaming the packages.
> But with the ASF member hat on I think the package org.apache.*   
> is  something which the ASF should protect, just as the logo and  
> the brand name itself resp. add a policy to the incubation process  
> which people have to agree to when entering the incubation phase.

With respect to JSPWiki, we would have an interesting situation:  Our  
last release, 2.6.0, which is LGPL, is in the "com.ecyrd.jspwiki"  
package, and we have dozens and dozens of modules which are depending  
on it.  In fact, our structure is such that we encourage people do  
develop their own plugin modules rather than do anything else.  There  
are plenty of these contributed at, and probably a lot  
more plugins inside companies which are not available to us.

With 2.8, we are just planning to take the 2.6, and make an  
Apachified version of it in the incubation process.  No real  
functionality change, just minor upgrades and fixes, and get an  
Apache-licensed version out as quickly as possible.

WIth 3.0, we are planning to revamp most of the APIs, and we've been  
flagging this as a break point.

Now, if we, with 2.8, have to change to org.apache.*, we will  
obviously break compatibility with any of the existing plugins.  Then  
again, with 3.0, we will break it again.   This will cause some  
ruckus in our developer base, and we'd certainly like to keep the 2.8  
as compatible to 3.0 as possible, that is, keep using the  
com.ecyrd.jspwiki package throughout the 2.8 phase and move to  
org.apache together with the API break in 3.0.

Any advice or policies?


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