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From Ahmad Khalifa <>
Subject Re: Business Framework Project
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2008 17:42:11 GMT

The source is available with some instructions on how to build and use.

Remeber, this is an actual working application, but some features might
be broken for now because I changed the folder structure a little.

Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>> I.e. the most important part is whether you (and any buddies of yours) are the 
>> creator(s) of the original work, and not 'borrowed' without following 
>> licensing restrictions.

I did what I think is appropriate, but I think there would be a need for 
further review by someone else. Some cases that I'm sure might need
extra attention would be:
1. I'm using GPL javascript html-editor (Tiny MCE). As far as I can
    tell, It's OK to use it, as it resembles dynamic linking.
2. I'm using commons-el in source form and performed some changes to
    it. I'm confused as to wether the 2-liner NOTICE file suffices here?!
    Or do I need to remove the apache name from it?!
3. I include the MySQL/Oracle JDBC driver. Not sure what to do here.


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