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From "Richard S. Hall" <>
Subject Re: moving a failed incubation project
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:40:38 GMT
Michael Wechner wrote:
> J Aaron Farr wrote:
>> If the fork wishes to do more than patch up the original or wishes to
>> create its own identity unique from the Apache original, then it would
>> be wise to rename the packages, but there is no legal requirement to
>> do so.
> believing you that there is no legal requirement (I am no lawyer ;-), 
> but that's also my understanding of the ASF license and incubator 
> agreement), then that's how it is for the moment.
> But for the future I think it's in the best interest of the ASF to 
> think about this more thoroughly, because it can be very misleading if 
> one is using Java packages with org.apache.*, but this code
> - might have nothing to do with the ASF
> - might be a fork of existing ASF, but has been changed quite a bit in 
> the meantime

This is the nature of open source, so I think we have to suck it up. If 
someone forks OpenJDK, do you think they are going to change all the 
package names to something else?

We have knowingly allowed this because we think it is the right thing to do.

If some company took our code, modified it, and started distributing it 
as part of a commercial (but freely downloadable) project, we wouldn't 
complain if they encouraged their customers to write to their modified 
version of our code as part of their project. So, why would it be any 
different if someone was only forking and not including it in a project?

In both cases, the main thing for us is to make sure they clearly state 
that it is a fork, not an official Apache project.

-> richard
> To me the first step would be to talk to these people and ask them 
> kindly to change the package names.
> If they will change it, then almost everyone will be happy, except 
> people with dependencies, but that can be fixed by keeping previous 
> versions available and adding a note.
> The problem is when people don't want to change and this is where the 
> ASF should ask itself "do we care" (well, I do) and if the ASF does 
> care, then what can be done? Are there legal means? Are there other 
> means?
> Cheers
> Michi
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