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From Simon Kitching>
Subject Re: moving a failed incubation project
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 07:32:04 GMT
Michael Wechner schrieb:
> Paul Fremantle wrote:
>> I agree with the general point about the legality of using the
>> org.apache namespace. However, I think there is a significant issue
>> here. People assume that org.apache code is from Apache.
> agreed. Hence I would also suggest that when moving the code that the
> package names should be renamed, but I also would suggest to make the
> current code as it is available somewhere (either within the ASF or
> somewhere else), but with a clear note telling the history of this
> code, such that dependent products don't break.
> Also I think Maven could help with that, for instance I have made tsik
> available within our own maven repo
> such that projects as for instance joid can reference it
> and in case joid is ever being updated to the new tsik package names,
> one can easily switch

I don't think there is any need to worry about "backwards compatibility"
or supporting existing users in this case.

Remember, this is a failed incubation project. That means that the code
has *never* had an official release; it is just "sandbox" code. So there
should be very few users of this code out there.

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