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From "" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal Draft]BlueSky-Wish to ADD
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 07:38:44 GMT
Yoav Shapira wrote:
> Hi,
> Cool proposal!  I have a couple of questions, just out of curiosity.
> On 10/24/07, Ting Peng <> wrote:
>> in China.  More than 40,000 students has benefited from it.  Our developing
>> website  is , source code is also available.
>> All source code of this project is written by ourselves, no third
>> part components are included.
> I could only see the source code for CWPlayer.  I download it, and it
> seems to be written in Pascal.  Is that true?  (I have nothing for or
> against Pascal, just hadn't seen anything written in Pascal in a few
> years, so I wanted to ask) ;)
Yes, some source code of CWPlayer is written in Pascal. It was initially 
develop in Delphi and MS Visual C++.
For function of CWPlayer is similar to that of XPlayer, and CWPlayer can 
run only on Windows.
Now we may prefer to use XPlayer instead.

XPlayer is initially developed on GNU/Linux and written in C/C++. With 
the help of Cygwin, it can also be compiled and run on Windows.

The source code of other components are also available at , they are compressed with  /tar/.
They can be uncompress with /winrar/(runs on windows) or tar(runs on 
>> Currently, all developers of "Blue Sky Distance Collaboration System"
>> are not native speaker of  English.  But  we don't have any obstacles to
>> communicate in English on technical topics. We want to share our work
>> with people who is interested in it around the world. We want new
>> volunteers to make our team more diverse, active and creative.
> I'm sure we'll be fine with respect to communications ;)
>> For this is our first candidate project to Apache Foundation. We are
>> grateful for your ideas!
> As you know IBM has contributed a bunch of stuff to Apache in the past
> (and present).  Are you part of IBM?  Do you need their (IBM legal
> department) approval for this, and if so, have you already gotten
> their approval?
> Yoav
I am not part of IBM. During the development of Bluesky, IBM has given 
us a lot of great ideas.  IBM also thinks that more people can benefit 
from our work if we put it in /Open Source Community/. So we accept 
IBM's idea and trying to put it to Apache.

	Best regards!

Ting Peng (
XJTU-IBM Open Tech. R&D Center

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