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From "Raymond Feng" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal Draft]BlueSky-Wish to ADD
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 03:13:06 GMT
Hi, Alex.

I think you have made quite a few very good points here. Just speaking for 
us who work on the open source projects, communication is key to 
collaboration which is critical for a healthy community. An open source 
platform like BlueSky will be of great help to bring the developers around 
the world much closer beyond the mailing list and IRC.


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From: "Alex Karasulu" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: [Proposal Draft]BlueSky-Wish to ADD

> Hello,
> I just wanted to chime in a little bit about the importance of a project
> like this.  Although I
> don't have enough time to properly mentor this project I hope others will
> think about doing so.
> I even debated why I was spending the time writing this email.  If others 
> do
> not volunteer I will
> try to make the time to help ensure it at least has a chance.
> Initially I ignored the proposal after a quick read. It seemed completely
> unrelated to the
> technical topics I've been interested in.  It seemed more of a completed
> product that
> some folks wanted to push here.  As a result I felt it may take far too 
> much
> effort to make
> those involved really understand the Apache way.  It just did not feel 
> like
> my cup of tea.
> I don't know just how much effort this will take but regardless I think 
> the
> expenditure is
> well worth it for the sake of being able to collaborate better as a
> community and for the world
> as well. We created tools like ant and maven here because they facilitate
> our processes but
> this tool is no different.  Perhaps no, it is more essential since it
> provides the element which a
> community needs most: collaboration.
> This project is well worth any effort we can spare because it can help
> further collaboration,
> education and other distributed activities around the world. It can
>  o bring distant people together to form communities
>  o save time, money, and energy (literally fuel) when people no longer 
> have
> to travel for school or other activities
>  o reduce pollution and lesson global tensions due to less consumption of
> limited fossil fuels
>  o make people understand each other better in a world where people often
> misunderstand each other
>  o further education which seems to be failing to reach or affect the
> masses - after all democracy does not
>     work without education (because then the idiot sons of the rich run 
> the
> show - OK that's OT :) )
> Really I'm not so much a green guy nor a serious humanist.  But it's clear
> that half of the dependence on
> fossil fuels would go away if the online collaboration tools worked well
> enough to develop a culture around
> their use.  If it can help ignite a mass utilization that depends more on
> online collaboration rather than travel, then
> I think a global impact can result.  Maybe this is a pipe dream but if it
> has any potential even of reaching a
> fraction of this pipe dream then it is something worth considering. I just
> apologize for not seeing this potential
> earlier.  I even discredited the proposal and it's viability.  Sorry for
> that, I was ignorant.
> Yesterday, I told a friend, "half our problems would go away if we all
> started using bikes and the Internet."
> Not referring to porn :). I said this to express my wish for more people 
> in
> America to be able to telecommute.
> He triggered what changed my thoughts regarding this project by saying,
> "yeah but the tools are not there
> yet to enable people to effectively collaborate online."
> Tools like this will help OS a great deal: collaboration and community go
> hand in hand.  Furthermore it helps
> the general populous and my help lead to a better future for our little
> planet.  Let's face it if this place goes to
> hell in a hand basket then there's not going to be much time for open 
> source
> projects.  If we can save two birds
> with the same project then let's go for it.
> Now I'll find a place to hide as I get ridiculed for this post :-).
> Alex
> On 10/25/07, Bill Stoddard <> wrote:
>> Ni Hao, Ting Peng
>> This is an interesting project.  I'm happy to be a mentor if the project
>> is accepted for incubation.
>> How familiar is the Bluesky team with open source development at the
>> Apache Software Foundation?  I'll be in Beijing the week of 12/3.  If
>> you are interested, I can fly to Xi'an on 12/8 and meet with the Bluesky
>> developers at XJTU and talk about open source development at the ASF.  I
>> must depart Xi'an on 12/11. Let me know if you are interested, I would
>> really enjoy meeting with you.
>> Regards,
>> Bill
>> Ting Peng wrote:
>> > Hello, everyone!
>> >
>> > Now, we are going to move our project BlueSky (Blue Sky Distance
>> > Collaboration
>> > System) to Apache Incubator for future development. Its aim is to make
>> > people under the sky to communicate and share resources with each other
>> > more easily. When, the system is employed, users can communicated via
>> > audio/video(computer screen also included) and text at the same time.
>> > In other words, Multi-Object Multimedia capable makes the system more
>> > vivid and glamorous. Cosmic Resource Share & Management System is also
>> > included. It provides unique portal for users to share resources(such 
>> > as
>> > multi-object multimedia course ware).  It's proposal is at
>> >
>> > The system has been developed for years, more than 20 persons are
>> > involved. It is used in distance learning in primary and middle schools
>> > in China.  More than 40,000 students has benefited from it.  Our
>> developing
>> > website  is , source code is also available.
>> > All source code of this project is written by ourselves, no third
>> > part components are included.
>> >
>> > Currently, all developers of "Blue Sky Distance Collaboration System"
>> > are not native speaker of  English.  But  we don't have any obstacles 
>> > to
>> > communicate in English on technical topics. We want to share our work
>> > with people who is interested in it around the world. We want new
>> > volunteers to make our team more diverse, active and creative.
>> >
>> > For this is our first candidate project to Apache Foundation. We are
>> > grateful for your ideas!
>> >
>> > We are looking forward for your advice!
>> >
>> >
>> > --
>> >
>> >        Best regards!
>> >
>> > Ting Peng (
>> > XJTU-IBM Open Tech. R&D Center
>> >
>> >
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