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From "Robert Burrell Donkin" <>
Subject Re: Software Grant through Intellectual Property Clearance in MyFaces
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 16:27:25 GMT
On 7/26/07, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:
> Hi *,
> we have a situation over at the MyFaces project which is a pretty
> straightforward code-grant.
> Oracle wants to donate the code of a JSF-portlet-bridge which would
> fit well with MyFaces. We do already have some bridge code at MyFaces,
> but it is not as complete as this donation would be, and it doesn't
> comply to the corresponding standard.
> The possibly donated jsf-portlet-bridge is the reference
> implementation of JSR-301 - it would fit well for several projects at
> the ASF to have this code ASL licensed. It is important relating to
> recent discussions on jcp-open to say that Scott O'Bryan has said the
> bridge-team will try everything to release the according TCK under the
> ASL license as well.
> In comparison to the recent incubation projects in MyFaces, which are
> ADF-Faces --> Trinidad and the Rich Client Framework the codebase is
> not very large and would not need any community building around it nor
> would it be necessary to bring an existing community to the ASF - as
> already 4 members of the MyFaces community know the ins and outs of
> this or similar bridges and can easily take over the code and maintain
> it (and there is sufficient interest to do so). Scott O'Bryan, one of
> the existing developers of the bridge at Oracle, is also a MyFaces
> committer.
> So in our understanding, incubation is not necessary, as no community
> needs to be incubated. If there are any objections, though, we'll
> certainly rethink this point of view - this is why I'm asking for
> comments here.

sounds like a straightforward software grant to me

- robert

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