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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Map of the ASF land?
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 07:41:06 GMT
Last week I was on holiday and I was seeing maps everywhere.  I saw
road maps and tourists maps of curse, but I also saw maps illustrating
the influence of an architectural style, of a religion or of a
language…  I saw maps of wines giving more identity to the wines.  My
wife was even reading an old French book containing "La carte du

Why did I tell you that? Because when seeing all those maps, I
realized how a map is an excellent tool to present very different
aspects of a territory (even a virtual territory), and I was wondering
if it the ASF land couldn't be such a territory.

On one single picture (with a few variations), we could presents all
the apache projects, how they relate together, things that they have
in common, their link with standards, etc..

I can imagine a map of the ASF land, with some fertile valley (build
management, web framework, XML…), with TLP being countries, some with
provinces.   You would have rivers, like the HTTP rivers traversing
countries like HTTP Server, tomcat, etc..  You would have a repository
lake close to the maven country, not really far from a small city
named Ivy.  To represent the standards, you would have mountains or
hills named RFC-x, or IETF-y.  You would also have forest named

On the North of the ASF land, you would have the Community Ocean, with
a few havens like PRC, Legal, Board (or maybe you prefer to see them
inland).  On the East you would have the big JCP forest.  Maybe the
West would be the GPL Mountains.

I guess you could also add roads with traffic depending on the number
of persons 'travelling' from one mailing list to another.  You could
show the geology.  On the east, all around the Jakarta country you
would have java ground, on other regions you will have C, C++, python
grounds, etc.

And I'm sure that the community would have quiet a lot of other things
to add.  I let you imagination works.

I sent this on this mailing list because I know the people here are
coming from a lot of different "ASF regions".  I guess that site@a.o
could have been an alternative, but it is here that new project born.
I have thus preferred to launch the idea here.

Did you like the idea?  Are there people here wanting to collaborate
on it?  What does the mentors here advices for the next steps?


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