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Subject Re: DNS Protocol (Was: DHCP Protocol Home)
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 09:15:31 GMT
"Trustin Lee" <> wrote on 20/06/2007 09:32:44:

> > > Our primary goal is not about forking dnsjava.  I think it's our 
> > > resort.  Especially, I appreciate your effort to maintain dnsjava
> > > project as a previous user and a fan.  With a bigger community, we
> > > could cope better with such a big request because it's not only you
> > > but all committers will have more chance to consider about the worth
> > > of the request.
> >
> > Definitely.  If there are people interested in working on DNS code, 
> > happy to let them.  The fact that I've written almost all of dnsjava 
> > more a reflection of the lack of contributed code than anything else.
> I am very glad that you are interested in collaboration with the
> interested developers.  WDYT, other people?  Does this sound good
> enough?  To get the collaboration started, we could start from the
> incubation proposal if there's no objection.  Stefano, I think you are
> most suitable person for writing the proposal in cooperation with
> Brian IMHO. :)

I'm not sure I understand. Is the proposal to extend and evolve dnsjava, 
or is the proposal to create an entirely new DNS project?

Personally, I'd favour a community-driven evolution of dnsjava if this was 
an option.


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