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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: DNS Protocol (Was: DHCP Protocol Home)
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 08:32:44 GMT
On 6/20/07, Brian Wellington <> wrote:
> > The intent here is about build a community around DNS protocol
> > implementation.  I agree with you that dnsjava is a very mature and
> > stable product.  But there are also demand for asynchronous DNS
> > implementation.  dnsjnio is a good example, and some people want to
> > switch dnsjava's internal implementation with existing NIO framework
> > to fully utilize asynchronous API.  These changes will need quite a
> > lot of work and we thought dnsjava and dnsjnio are a great starting
> > point.  I'm not sure you have interest in these changes, but there are
> > about four guys who are interested in these changes, so we might be
> > able to create a nice community around it.  We also thought starting
> > this work in the ASF will be beneficial to many parties such as James,
> > MINA, and Directory project because they want to work closely with the
> > DNS protocol implementor in the near future (or right now).  Is your
> > question about our intent clarified?  WDYT?
> If there are enough people to form a community, then it sounds like a good
> idea.


> > Our primary goal is not about forking dnsjava.  I think it's our last
> > resort.  Especially, I appreciate your effort to maintain dnsjava
> > project as a previous user and a fan.  With a bigger community, we
> > could cope better with such a big request because it's not only you
> > but all committers will have more chance to consider about the worth
> > of the request.
> Definitely.  If there are people interested in working on DNS code, I'm
> happy to let them.  The fact that I've written almost all of dnsjava is
> more a reflection of the lack of contributed code than anything else.

I am very glad that you are interested in collaboration with the
interested developers.  WDYT, other people?  Does this sound good
enough?  To get the collaboration started, we could start from the
incubation proposal if there's no objection.  Stefano, I think you are
most suitable person for writing the proposal in cooperation with
Brian IMHO. :)


> I'm not offended by this; I was trying to explain more than anything else.
> I know that dnsjava's been mostly inactive for a while now, which is a
> combination of my lack of time and the fact that there haven't been many
> things to add.

Thank you for your understanding!

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