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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: DNS Protocol (Was: DHCP Protocol Home)
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 09:17:44 GMT
On 6/19/07, Stefano Bagnara <> wrote:
> >> What if there were a "frequently updated" dnsjava, containing all of the
> >> useful community-contributed patches (including dnsjnio), released
> >> under a
> >> BSD license - would that be a good solution?
> >
> > Absolutely.  That is the best of the best IMHO.  WDYT guys?
> Sorry but I don't understand the proposed scenario.
> I think the problem is that we need a community around a new dns project
> because we want to provide fast respose and more evolution than dnsjava
> currently offer.

It is true if Brian doesn't have any will to work closely with us.
He's not replying to us so far, so I agree with you.  And I don't
think what Alex is suggesting to us is not so far from what we have
been discussing.  He didn't say it should be outside of the ASF. ;)


> What about the "frequently updated dnsjava" you talk about? Who will do
> that? In what environment? What community? As it has been proposed to be
> BSD then it cannot be hosted by ASF because the Apache Foundation will
> only create/maintain ASLv2 projects (and will also need copyrights for
> everything maintained).
> Indeed, I really would like to know whether Brian has objections to such
> an effort, what would be his own preferences about dependencies (or
> evolutions) of his code, if he would be interested in collaborating in a
> more "community oriented" project, if he would be interested in an
> oversight role.

dnsjava is licensed under BSD-license, so we can fork it without prior
permission, though we need to try.  (But he's not responding.)  And
starting from the ADS DNS protocol provider is also a good idea.  I am
not a DNS expert so it's up to the actual contributor of the project.
If Alex is interested, it's a great news, and starting the project
from the incubator might be a better idea to attract more interested
non-committers such as Alex.  Even if we have little code base so far,
we could discuss about this project with the incubator PMC and ask if
we can start from existing code that we didn't write (dnsjava) due to
its inactivity.

BTW, MINA PMC needs to discuss about hosting the project again because
we are split into two opinions; to host it at Lab or under MINA.
These two options got the same vote count, so I have no idea what to
do right now.  I started to think it's better to discuss first with
the incubator PMC.

Let me CC general@incubator.a.o to find out what people think about it.

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