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From David Reid <>
Subject Re: How to update
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 17:14:45 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> On 6/27/07, David Reid <> wrote:
>> Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>> > I have added the Felix project to the
>> >
>> > and there is build.xml file in there, but it references
>> > ../tools/xdocs2/scripts/ which was I doesn't got when checking
>> > out the trunk.
>> Erm, well what you need to do is simply create an DOAP file and host it
>> in your SVN repository. Once you've done that you let us know where it
>> and your project will automagically appear on the website. :-)
> Ok. I thought I'd spare you the trouble, and added the <location>
> entry in the projects/files.xml myself. And that is committed.
> I just thought that I need to do a build step manually...

That's fine and it seems to be getting picked up and included. I'll add
the basic pmc file and you can edit it when/if you have time.

>> You'll also need to create a PMC file, but I usually just take care of
>> that :-)
> Yeah, I know. However, a bit crammed for time today. Will get to that
> later in week (if I have Internet access (travelling)).

No rush.

>> > What do I need to do next??
>> Does such a thing as a "what to do now you're a tlp" faq exist?
> I can't recall any, but I think that Martijn Dashorst is working on
> such paper for the Incubator, after the Wicket graduation. Any info
> that should go into it, please forward to

Well, you seem to have done everything required - you just needed more
patience for the site to update all by itself!


> Cheers
> Niclas
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