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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Log4PHP restart proposal
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 12:33:13 GMT
= Abstract =

Revival of the terminated log4php incubation with a new development  
community and a goal to migrate log4php to PHP 5.

= Proposal =

Restart the terminated log4php incubation, open the log4php SVN  
module to modifications and grant commit rights to the initial  

= Background =

Log4PHP is a PHP 4 logging framework patterned after log4j.  log4php  
entered the incubator by early 2004 and was terminated for lack of  
community momentum in early 2007.  Knut Urdalen approached the  
log4php-dev mailing list with a proposal to upgrade log4php to PHP 5  
( and several  
other potential new committers have expressed interest.

= Rationale =

Log4PHP is being used in various open source and enterprise level  
systems and web applications built with PHP.  However, the current  
code base is PHP 4 and the majority of PHP development has moved to  
PHP 5.  Existing users of Log4PHP may have to choose between  
abandoning or branching log4php or staying with PHP 4 longer than  

= Initial Goals =

A PHP 5 release based derived from current PHP 4 code with a  
reasonable migration path for existing log4php users.

= Current Status =

Log4PHP had no new commits or activity on its mailing lists for over  
a year and incubation was terminated in February 2007.  Several  
developers have expressed interest in restarting work on Log4PHP.

== Meritocracy ==

None of the proposed committers has previously contributed code to  
Log4PHP.  A call for developers interested in restarting development  
was made to the log4php-dev mailing list, so the proposed committers  
are effectively selected on willingness and prospective merit.

== Community ==

The previous Log4PHP community has effectively faded away.  Creating  
a branched project outside of the ASF was discussed on the log4php- 
dev mailing list, however it was considered desirable to stay within  
the ASF even with the minimum community requirements that would be  
necessary to graduate the incubator before a formal release could occur.

== Core Developers ==

The proposed developers are Log4PHP users who are interested in  
continued evolution and health of Log4PHP.

== Alignment ==

Log4PHP is heavily inspired by Log4j and hence the Apache Logging  
Services is a natural place for the project.

= Known Risks =

The most significant risk would be failure to build a sustainable  
development community.  As Log4PHP is currently functional on PHP 4,  
there is minimal technical risk to updating the framework to PHP 5  
and further development.

== Orphaned products ==

The existing code is effectively orphaned, but it is already within  
the ASF.  The proposed effort could only improve the situation.

== Inexperience with Open Source ==

The proposed developers have contributed to several open-source  
projects and have shown a history of open discussion and civil behavior.

== Homogenous Developers ==

The proposed developers have no common employer or other affliation.

== Reliance on Salaried Developers ==

The proposed developers are not being compensated for their Log4PHP  
efforts and development would not stop due to a change of funding.

== Relationships with Other Apache Products ==

Log4PHP has no dependency on other Apache products, but is heavily  
inspired by Log4j.

== A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ==

Branching the existing code outside of the ASF was considered, but  
was not seen as desirable to either the development or user community  
if it could be avoided.

= Documentation =

Existing limited documentation would be migrated from xdoclet to  
Maven 2.  No plans for substantial distinct documentation effort.

= Initial Source =

The initial source is the existing Log4PHP code base in the Incubator  

= Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan =

There is no anticipated bulk contributions.  Anticipated development  
would be incremental and covered under the developer's Contributor  
License Agreement.

= External Dependencies =

No known external dependencies.

= Cryptography =

There is no known cryptography currently in or proposed for Log4PHP.

= Required Resources =

New accounts for the core developers with appropriate karma.

== Mailing lists ==

Already exist from previous incubation attempt.

* log4php-dev ([ archive])
* log4php-user ([ archive])

== Subversion Directory ==

* []

== Issue Tracking ==

* Would use  A new project for log4php  
would need to be added.

== Other Resources ==

= Initial Committers =
* Knut Urdalen (knut dot urdalen at gmail dot com) - CLA on file
   * Bachelor of Computer Science
   * Technical Director at Suddenly Oslo
   * Developer at the PRADO Development Team
   * Leading the Norwegian PHP User Group
   * Technical writings:
    * Wrote a feature article for php|architect "[http:// Logging and Monitoring with log4php]"

* Alvaro Carrasco (alvaro at epliant dot com) - CLA on file

* Michael Schmitz (Michael.Schmitz at tietoenator dot com) - CLA in  
   * Master of Computer Science
   * Project Manager at Tieto''''''Enator, Cologne, Germany
   * Contributed to various Open Source projects like CVS, SCWM,  
bk2site, etc

* Curt Arnold (carnold at apache dot org) - CLA on file
   * Logging Services PMC chair
   * Contributions expected to be limited to release and build issues.

= Sponsors =

== Champion ==

* Curt Arnold (carnold at apache dot org)

== Nominated Mentors ==

* Curt Arnold (carnold at apache dot org)

== Sponsoring Entity ==

* Apache Logging Services PMC

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