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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Re: housekeeping ( was Re: [Vote] Graduate Trinidad (to an Apache MyFaces subproject))
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 16:34:30 GMT
"Matthias Wessendorf" <> writes:

> So, I'll provide a "larger" patch next days.
> Clean up:
> -adffaces/trinidad
> -felix (have the graduated?)
> -roller
> -kabuki
> More ? :)

I just commited a change to the source file that updates all the
missing start/end dates for graduated projects.

In case anyone is interested, incubation averages just under 10 months
with a floor of 4 months and a ceiling of 18.  What I'm trying to
gather next is an averge number of committers added during
incubation.  Since some projects incubated before or during the SVN
switch, I haven't completed this.  Many projects add no new committers
beyond the proposed original.  Those that do add committers only add 1
or 2.  The major expection to this was Heraldry which added 10

I thought it would be interesting to see if the actual metrics live up
to what we perceive the incubator as doing. 

  J Aaron Farr        [US] +1 724-964-4515 
    馮傑仁     [HK] +852 8123-7905  


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